Those of us with a modicum of wit have always known that Irish republicans such as Sinn Fein/IRA are not real Irish nationalists in the true sense of the term.

They and other republican groups such as the IRSP,(Irish Republican Socialist Party ,political wing of the violent Irish National Liberation Army), are far left Marxists/Communists deeply immersed in murderous ideology that has been responsible for over 100 million deaths since 1917.

They are fully supportive of population replacement by the third world which would ultimately lead to the demise of the Irish people and their culture.

They and their ilk believe that giving a negro a hurling stick somehow makes them Irish, which is absolutely not the case!


They are the first to stand waving flags to welcome refugees and asylum seekers onto this island and promote Islam even though they are effectively sentencing the peoples of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland to death by doing so!

Also evident is their support for one of the tenets of cultural Marxism militant homosexuals.

These are hardly the actions of true nationalists.

Although we as a group are unionist, proud of our British identity, we recognise the importance of protecting the indigenous peoples of the British Isles as a whole, as well as having good relations with our close neighbours and ethnic brothers and sisters in the ROI.

It is good to know that many people in the ROI, which we here in Northern Ireland for many years looked upon with suspicion, are fully awake to the red republican menace and recognise that their enemies are not the British people of Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.

Some people in Northern Ireland also need to wake up to the fact that not all Irish people south of our border support republican genocide against us!

The attached link to a video explanation is well worth the watch.


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