Loyalism and the Red Menace



Not this time!

Ulster Awake has been strongly opposed to the dogmatic leftism emanating from Irish republicanism with its egalitarian doctrine, madcap socialist economic theories in addition to its murderous neo-Marxist genocide.

However Communism is a cancer, its theory and ideology poisoning society. Furthermore while we are proud of our working class roots we recognise that this same ideology ,far from helping the “proletariat” is designed to destroy the homogeneity and racial pride of our people

Marxist ideas, (albeit dressed as Irish nationalism), are well received and enjoy widespread support amongst Ulster’s catholics in the guise of Sinn Fein/IRA . That the party is doing well South of the border is another concern, but we are looking closer to home in this article.



David  Ervine was a former loyalist paramilitary prisoner who, in conjunction with other old style reds (called the Shankill Soviet) the idea of a left leaning political party “termed working class loyalist” (as opposed to the toryism and reaction of the OUP & DUP) was formulated.

Ervine was the theorist tasked with the idea of selling a “loyalist” version of socialism.

The goods were in effect identical to those purveyed by the Shinners,(Sinn Fein/IRA), abortion on demand, homosexual rights/marriage as well as broadening its appeal to economic migrants and the flotsam and jetsom washing on to our shores.

“In April 2001, he provoked a direct political attack from the DUP over him being the only Unionist to vote against a motion condemning the display of lilies commemorating the 1916 Easter Uprising at Parliament Buildings.[7] He also expressed support for the right of Sinn Féin members to make speeches in Irish (Gaelic) on the floor of the Assembly. Later, political commentators noted how he sat next to Sinn Féin’s Martin McGuinness at the funeral of Northern Ireland football legend George Best in December 2005 as a sign of how Northern Ireland had moved on.” * Taken from Wikipedia*

Ervine was a doctrinaire anti-racist. Indeed this writer was present at a parade giving out leaflets with other right leaning British nationalists and recall an angry Ervine literally growling at us! His untimely death elicited a gushing obituary from the Zionist/Marxist, and throughly anti British, Searchlight magazine.

I once watched the former leader of the PUP Dawn Purvis,(who succeeded Ervine), on television debating with a politician from Sinn Fein/IRA. To be honest I couldn’t tell the difference between the two as they spouted the same leftist rethoric.


It was no surprise to any of us when Purvis,post politics, took over as the director of the Marie Stopes clinic for the murder of unborn children in Belfast!

In spite of its loyalist imagery the PUP remains tiny, of it’s four elected councillors, three are Belfast based, the fourth attracting a personal vote which we imaging has little to do with solidarity with Cuba or the plight of Mongolian lesbians!

The fact is the “working class Communist/Marxist” ideology simply won’t sell outside of run-down inner city ghettos, even there a lot of the “rank and file” are becoming wise to the Socialist project to destroy their once united communities.

Certainly canny Ulster folk in general won’t buy the repackaged ideas of Marx & Trotsky.



The recent election proved again our analysis with the PUP’s candidates province wide attracting  5995 first preference votes.

Marxism? Not on our watch!








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