Tears and Tantrums, when democracy goes wrong!

The recent parliamentary election has changed the face of UK politics but, like the EU referendum, a result which has not pleased all! Two catastrophic defeats for the liberal-left has seen their mask of “tolerance” slip, exposing the true face of their cultural-Marxist agenda.



For starters Sinn Fein/IRA weren’t happy with the Tories requiring the electoral support of the DUP, a sentiment shared by the UK media, with the Democratic Unionists, who’s values include Christian morality and principle surrounding the abomination of same-sex marriage, the murderous holocaust of abortion along with distain for governmental terrorists and a desire to secure our borders. For Sinn Fein, a body opposed to and abstaining from UK democracy, seeing the DUP securing a deal in Ulster’s best interests sticks in the craw of these sectarian gangsters and political hoodlums.

Furthermore both they along with their alliance and SDLP counterparts correctly perceive that it is no longer necessary to placate their destructive agendas up at Stormont, an institution collapsed by the arrogance of SF. Whilst the Provos were at the heart of government here it’s institutions were never going to work but it’s water under the bridge as effective control having been returned to Westminster.

Political liberalism here in Ulster took an electoral pasting with zero seats for the Ulster unionists, SDLP and AP, all consigned to yapping from the sidelines, beyond their own marginal and decreasing constituencies they are increasingly incidental. Whilst electorally SF increased their vote, their abstentionism confines their anti-British agenda to the dustbin.


On the mainland we have already seen angry demonstrations by the far-left, Sinn Fein’s ideological and political comrades in SNP (a party losing seats, electoral support and credibility) along with the cosmopolitan perverts wedded not only to SSM but a degeneracy rotting our Nation from within. The above picture confirms the credentials and political agenda of such opposition.

Neither the Tories nor the DUP are perfect, but both have a mandate representing millions, many hundreds of thousands separating them from the political left, Corbyn, Adams, O’Neill & Sturgeon have in this instance failed in forwarding their politics of racial ruination coupled with national suicide.

As a footnote and has been expressed elsewhere, we are seeing Ulster again, as we did in two World Wars, come to Britain’s aid.

No Surrender!


Amnesty International Ireland funded by George Soros

Northern Ireland Demands the right

George Soros, the Hungarian Jew who worked for the Nazis during their occupation funds Ireland’s Amnesty international and the Irish Family Planning Association. The latter being a pro-eugenics lobby group.

Amnesty Ireland received €137,000 from a Soros foundation.

George Soros is a globalist who you may have heard of. His fingerprints are all over global events such as the war in Syria, the migrant crisis and the coup in Ukraine.

Soros also funds outfits like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA linked leftist groups.


George Soros is just one of many Zionist billionaires who fund operations to use leftist activism and Universities like the Central European University that he started to create social unrest and to manipulate white populations. This guy is an anti-white genocidal maniac to put it frankly. Hell bent on getting revenge against white people for the Holocaust. He wants us poor, aborting our kids and surrounded by radical…

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More publicly funded ANTIFA antics with the Streetwise Samba band compromising their “so called” neutrality and cross community credentials.

The photo below clearly showing the band complete with SSB tee-shirts banging drums for masked ANTIFA thugs at Belfast City Hall last Saturday! By the look of their hair one would smell them before seeing them!


SSB are funded by Belfast City Council and also get lottery funding. Their membership is exclusively far left and indeed republican. That said they are careful to hide their Irish tricolours and republican symbols, although you will see plenty of flags being waved by their supporters showing support for extremist left wing republican terror groups and such like! They are also a regular fixture at the , supposedly neutral St Patrick’s Day parade in Belfast and elsewhere.

You can bet your life that they claim to be a cross community apolitical group to get funding! When do they ever get involved in any events celebrating PUL, ( Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist ), culture? The answer is that they don’t  and therefore cannot claim to be cross community. Being involved with ANTIFA demos, which are often violent, certainly means they cannot claim to be apolitical!

The picture below depicts hidden faced ANTIFA , those who SSB are happy enough to provide support for, with terrorist Godfather and blood soaked Marxist bastard Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein/IRA.

Pictures like these make a mockery of ANTIFA’s claims they are not linked to terrorists! Well just ask  Belfast ANTIFA leader Chris MacCormick, he is regularly pictured in republican colour parties in Belfast!


The Samba band get public and lottery funding for cross community work. Behaving as Belfast ANTIFA’s drum corps quite clearly is not cross community nor apolitical!

If you are a, understandably, outraged Belfast ratepayer would encourage you to complain to Belfast City Council and demand an explanation, in writing, as to why public money is being used to support left wing extremism and to encourage violence by ANTIFA and republican terrorists in your City!


Make sure and share this far and wide folks, no let up on and no surrender to, the left wing extremist and terrorist supporting filth of ANTIFA!


Gotta Have Faith!



Recent weeks have seen extensive trolling of our social media by unreconstructed republicans and the anarco-reds associated with Belfast ANTIFA, from their combined, though ill fated, trolling we have gathered some useful info on who these people are and their agenda. What seemed to incite them was that we had uncovered one of their leaders, well in a follow up we can also reveal the lovely Faith Ross, a somewhat shy and retiring wall flower who occasionally posts under her own account (usually inciting violence against Ulster Awake and others she deems to be “fascist”) though to be fair the ginger dwarf looks unlikely to be capible of much actual action herself.

In public these sort of reds are keen to conceil their identities, but from FB and other social media outlets (giyf) we have a fairly extensive database of both their cadres and their camp followers, their friends and their political affialitions which generally tend to be of the dissident republican variety. We are still checking and following up information provided by “interested third parties” which we will be publishing in the near future.



Unless we are much mistaken, Faith on the far left is enjoying Belfast’s Christmas market in the company of other dubious lefties.

Don’t take it personally, but when you incite violence and promote an ideology of terror and murder, you can expect to be featured here and elsewhere!


Swedish terror group to visit the Warzone Centre

Northern Ireland Demands the right

A Swedish Terror group called Revolutionary Front (RF) known for attempted murders and inciting Muslims into huge city wide riots will be visiting Belfast’s Warzone Centre on April 15th.


Our sources tell us that there will be a huge amount of ANTIFA/Irish Republican activity surrounding the Veterans event on the 14th and that the event on the 15th is more or less an opportunity to celebrate their “victory” as they always do regardless how their day went. They will use the event to display any trophies they have managed to snatch off the old soldiers.


These RF terrorists are apparently here already and are attending less openly militant events. It would be advisable for locals in that area to make sure the road from Sandy Row to that centre is safe.

We will be contacting people to raise awareness and make provisions. RF specialise in targeting individuals in home invasions and…

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PSNI recording burglaries as hate crimes to bulk out figures

Northern Ireland Demands the right

Patrick Corrigan, the anti-life campaigner and Republican who works for the run for wages front group Amnesty International NI has been drumming up the idea that Protestants and Christians in general in Northern Ireland are racist.

Patrick is another lunatic on the fringe who should probably be rocking over a pint in some musty bar-room but instead he is producing statistics that are parroted out by media and government alike.

The left in Northern Ireland that includes people in the media, even fake Unionist outlets like the Newsletter have been on an incredible campaign to blame working class Protestants for hate crimes. This has been done in a fairly subtle way. Essentially what they do is lie about the nature of incidents by omission, then send out teams of lefties who are paid to teach Protestant kids not to be evil racists, at the same time they brainwash them with…

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