A case for Ulster Independence?


This article represents a personal opinion as opposed to policy.

Recently the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd was quoted at her party conference;

“People who repeatedly view terrorist content online could face up to 15 years behind bars in a move designed to tighten the laws tackling radicalisation the home secretary, Amber Rudd, is to announce on Tuesday.

A new maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment will also apply to terrorists who publish information about members of the armed forces, police and intelligence services for the purposes of preparing acts of terrorism.

The tightening of the law around viewing terrorist material is part of a review of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy following the increasing frequency of terrorist attacks in Britain this year.

“I want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online, including jihadi websites, far-right propaganda and bomb-making instructions, face the full force of the law,” said Rudd. “There is currently a gap in the law around material [that] is viewed or streamed from the internet without being permanently downloaded.

“This is an increasingly common means by which material is accessed online for criminal purposes and is a particularly prevalent means of viewing extremist material such as videos and web pages,” added the home secretary.”

The same Home Secretary who has, this year alone, proscribed three nationalist organisation under the terrorism act when in reality there were neither instances of terror, nor any indication that anything other than assistance being provided to downtrodden Brits on the sharp end of Tory austerity, campaigning on a platform of a mono-cultural and mono-racial Britain and building camaradie amongst its membership, YET no bans nor prescription for violent jihadists or dissident republicans.

The fact is the UK under its Tory government has become totalitarian and dictatorial is a fact of political life  that populist opinion is silenced and it’s advocates subject to Stasi style arrest and intimidation by the police and security services, most ordinary folk fearful of free speech or thought as the Tories point to the “alternative” government of the lunatic Labour Party and the odious Jeremy Corbyn.


Stark choices indeed, particularly at a time when the UK is becoming increasingly fragmented by race, creed and class, being British in the modern era means little in terms of race or nationality given that successive waves of immigration has being rotting the very core of the nation for almost 70 years, it’s major cities see the white British becoming a new underclass ethnic minority, history rewritten and alien people’s and creeds now predominating in the media, education, justice and politics.

Certainly the Ulster-Scot, it’s linage and heritage is under threat too, not just by our traditional republican enemies, but by the same toxic multiculturalism which has destroyed large parts of these islands, and with its Indian PM and ever growing Muslim and black communities, I, with regret include Eire in this equation.


Our continued place under Westminister, or indeed corporation into some form of unitary Irish state both guarntee that we Ulster Scots, as a unique ethnic and cultural identity will disappear, supplanted and replaced by the tidal waves of immigration, asylum seekers, economic migrants and alien intelopers. This is not alarmist rethoric or bigotry, it is simply a biological FACT. However, as Ms. Rudd now informs us,speaking out on such matters is now an indictable and criminal offence as her party attempts to stifle what little remains of our freedom.

In the early days of the troubles and the very real danger of our enforced inclusion into a unitary Irish state, patriotic Ulsterman rallied to the banner of the Vanguard movement, a body set up to resist such an idea and to, if circumstances demanded declare our Independence from both.

With the economic decline, racial ruination and fractured society seeing the terminal decline of the UK, despite the heroic efforts of countless thousands of brave patriots who sought to right these wrongs, it may well be the eleventh hour in asscessing our own constitutional position. Remember after immigration and the changes such diverse people’s lend to society, it is in real terms virtually impossible in the modern era to remove such folk and return the land to the indigenous inhabitants.

It is indeed a question for us all!


Censored by Facebook – AFA Ireland’s convicted nonce.


Staff at the then Department of Arts, Sport and Tourism discovered attempts to download inappropriate material on Patrick Corcoran’s (53) computer during a software upgrade at the Kildare Street offices in December 2009.
Members of the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) seized a laptop and computer at Corcoran’s desk and later found 5,951 pornographic images of children between eight and 14 years old during a search of his former North Circular Road home.

Judge Martin Nolan handed down a three-and-a-half year suspended sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, but warned Corcoran that he would go to jail if caught with any more illegal pornographic material.
“You are getting a chance, but if you re-offend, no mercy will be shown,” said Judge Nolan.

Detective Garda Maria Clohessy revealed that gardaí were not in a position to arrest Corcoran until February 2012. By then he had collected a further 1,100 child pornography images and 21 videos at his current home at Longford House, Spencer Dock.
Corcoran pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography on a work PC and laptop under his desk at what is now the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht on December 21, 2009.

He also pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography images in 87 A4 brown envelopes at his former home the same day.
He further pleaded guilty to possessing a further 1,100 images and 21 videos on a laptop and hard drive on February 7, 2012.

Corcoran co-operated fully with gardaí and helped them locate items during both searches. He said during interview that he suffered from depression and had accessed inappropriate material from links on legal pornography internet sites.
Det Gda Clohessy agreed with Philipp Rahn BL, defending, that his client said he’d contacted the Granada Institute for sex offenders for treatment following the first seizure.



She agreed she was aware Corcoran has been in other psychological treatment since 2012 after the Granada Institute closed down. He recently got a HSE letter confirming it had no further concerns about him.
She agreed there was no suggestion of sharing, distributing or commercial gain in this case, nor any direct contact with children.

Mr Rahn submitted to Judge Nolan that his client has since completed 192 hours of group therapy to address his offending behaviour. He complies with the Sex Offenders Act and has expressed genuine remorse for his actions.
Judge Nolan said child pornography encourages the abuse of minors and children and is a serious offence.

He said Corcoran has suffered to some degree in that he had lost his job with the Department of Heritage, Tourism and the Arts.
“For good reason, he was sacked,” he said.

The judge noted that Corcoran had taken steps to deal with his problems and said there was a “good prospect” that he would not re-offend.

He ordered Corcoran to be of good behaviour for three and a half years and place himself under the supervision of the Probation Service for 18 months.


Editorial note. This story from a few years being linked on our former Facebook page resulted in one of our admins being banned for 30 days for exposing a documented link between the Irish Anti-Fascist Action gang and the world of child pornography, Corcoran being one of its founders, whilst Zion friendly Facebook shows censorship and bans toward racial patriots, there’s a different set of rules and guidelines for perverts and cultural Marxism.

For our far-left fan base and stalkers, we again reiterate our position, not only, despite their lying agenda, are no deviants involved with Ulster Awake, but we advocate the ultimate penalty for these monsters!


Top IRA Paedophile blackmailed into spying

PACEMAKER BELFAST ARCHIVE Alfredo “Freddie” Scappaticci (ectreme left of picture/side faced) pictured at the 1988 funeral of IRA man Brendan Davison. Gerry Adams is pictured carrying the coffin. Brian Davison is seen here in the long leather coat


Gerry Adams was among the pallbearers at the 1988 funeral of IRA paedophile Brendan Davison
Lurid allegations of “paedophile rings” in British politics are still being investigated – at vast expense – by various police forces and a statutory enquiry, despite evidence that so far appears flimsy at best.
Yet one political organisation has a definite and longstanding link to paedophilia, which it covered up with threats of murder.
We refer to the terrorist scum of the Provisional IRA and their political front Sinn Fein.
Author Martin Dillon this week revealed how one such paedophile – Brendan ‘Ruby’ Davison, IRA commander in the Markets area of South Belfast and a member of the terror gang’s General Headquarters staff – was blackmailed by British Intelligence and RUC Special Branch, who “had video of him having sex with young men in a sports centre.”


Terrorist paedophile and spy: Brendan Davison
Davison’s services for the secret state did not allow him to escape justice forever. He was executed by the Ulster Volunteer Force in his own home on 25th July 1988, killed instantly by a 7.62x39mm bullet to the forehead.
Yet he remains a hero to Sinn Fein / IRA, whose leader Gerry Adams was a pallbearer at Davison’s funeral. IRA godfather Adams had learned the previous year that his brother Liam was another paedophile who had raped his own daughter but he concealed this information from the authorities.

The only known treatment for nonces.


Published with acknowledgement to http://www.heritageanddestiny.com/

Political Censorship

Ulster Awake began soley as on outlet on social media, it’s aim to give a voice to people concerned about immigration, the destruction of the U.K. And the advancement of neo-Marxism via Sinn Fein, concerns unacceptable on established media were given voice through our Facebook profile.

Hard hitting commentary where not only the lies and dangers of multiculturalism were exposed, but people in numbers were able to add their own opinion on a far ranging and varied selection of stories. Unlike others, we did not shy away from controversy, all too often, as Ulster Awake evolved a to an activist driven political organisation we could print, and subsequently rebuke the lies and half truths written about our campaign, the rubbish of the BBC, UTV and the gutter press was answered to a growing, supportive and appreciative audience.



When our activists visited Lisburn earlier this year, in addition to the mock outrage of old-gang politician, the UTV also mentioned that our Facebook page (then) had 3000 likes!

Its was not a situation agreeable to the chattering liberals, scumbag republicans, cops, political charlatans and racial renegades, so when a growing audience of 3600 was achieved it became time for Facebook to pull the plug.

No isolated incident unfortunately as Zionist censorship has, in recent weeks, gripped the Internet. Forums, news sites, white nationalist sites along with a host of controversial personalities questioning global Zionist domination and white racial genocide have all been quietly taken down, that our page has joining those established and esteemed silenced voices of truth a small testament to the fact that our own small effort was having an effect.


Facebook is not only sickeningly politically correct, liberal and intolerant of etho-nationalism (save for the Israeli variant) but is the product of Mark Zuckerberg, himself a race-mixing Jew, surrounded by a kosher cabal of Zionist nasties, his policing apparatus enthuastcally assisted by hundreds of thousands of lefties, racial degenerates and useful idiots reporting content disagreeable to their opinion. All of our moderators have suffered infraction, suffered ever lengthening bans as a result of such dubious reports, as a footnote, both myself and another mod had reported content from both anti-fascist and republican pages which explicitly called for and incited violence, needless to say “the content did not violate our community standards”.

Twitter is less repressive and Ulster Awake will, prior to the next wave of censorship, continue to use this medium to advance our cause. Expect to see more content, news reports and activity updates here, however we note that other WordPress blogs, particularly in the wake of Charlotsville, have disappeared under the kosher jackboot.

Social media, sold to the world as an alternative to a globalist media in the pocket of cosmopolitan financiers has in reality been strangled by those same Judaic tribal supremacists, an illusion sold to a population mesmerised by big brother and the X factor.

Will we be back on FB? That we’ve yet to decide, but please be assured that you haven’t heard the last of us!


The Orwellian Steamroller

Few will have missed the news relating to the removal of Confederate statues demanded by the militant left and now being enthusiastically implemented by the liberal puppets in local government, a joint cosmopolitan mindset and a universalist outlook revising history from their perspective.

Of course the BBC have been cheerleaders for the project, smearing anyone opposed to the demolition to their culture and heritage as KKK, white supremacists, etc., etc., the usual tactics designed to stifle opposition and silence anyone with opinion contrary to that of the agitational liberal-left and its revisionist agenda. To fully implement their agenda it is necessary to re-write history, statues and other symbols of an illustrious past simply don’t have a place in societies multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, after all such reminders of yesteryear are exclusively white and a reminder to an era where our race built civilisation, were discoverers, scientists, Warriors, scientists and statesmen.



Thus far the removal of statues has been confined to the Continental US, however it would be a foolish fallacy to imagine that it will end there, after all globalism, pressing for “a brave new world” cannot or will not ignore any vestige of reminders to a past which did not require the input of aliens and interlopers as, after all, in terms of education it will be easier to convince future generations that prior to their cosmopolitan tommorrow there was no history!


Read and re-read the above paragraph from Orwell’s 1984, think of it in a local sense, consider “the Party” and consider the stated aim of Sinn Fein! An organisation actively revising and rewriting the bloody past and involvement in the ethnic and political genocide encapsulated in the period of recent history known as the troubles, itself neither an apt or accurate description of the evil and barbaric nature of their role in events.


Of course there are “good” statues, statues of the meritorious reminder of those who   Dedicated their lives in service of cultural bolshevikism, political correctness, brutal terrorism or their role, or more accurately war-criminality in the murder of defenceless civilians, here were are talking about the London statue of Arthur “bomber” Harris, who carpet bombed surrendering German civilians and who is portrayed as a war hero by a corrupt and decedent Westminister state, top heavy with cosmopolitan zionists, sexual deviants and doctrinaire multi-cultural social engineers, Harris too is one of the “good goys”.


Lastly and in line with the cosmopolitan narrative, similarly honoured by the establishment, we have “Saint” Nelson Mandela, the spiritual bedfellow and ideological comrade of Adams & the IRA. What an amazing tribute to bombing, murder and terror, a place of pilgrimage for the parties of multi-cultural schoolchildren as they learn of his struggle as an equalitarian reformer and champion!


Perhaps in the cultural-Marxist Britain of the future, the remnants of the past smashed away the establishment will erect new tributes to those who in recent history made such sacrifices in reformation, Martin McGuiness, Jimmy Saville and Cecil Smith spring to mind!

Belfast Bonfire Opinion

Belfast city council, just recently voted to grant itself controversial new powers, to remove wood or other materials that they deem as dangerous, damaging or which facilitate hate crimes from bonfires in the council area! The Sinn Fein /IRA motion, which was supported by their cultural-marxist allies on the city council, the SDLP and Alliance party ,has been met with resistance from the pro-unionist members of the city council, but because the unionists didn’t have the majority of votes on the council the vote was carried !This is another attack on the cultural identity of the protestant,unionist and loyalist people that live in Belfast!

The bonfires on the 11th of July, mark the start of three days of celebrations to mark King William of orange’s victory over King James at the battle of the Boyne in 1690! The celebrations include family fundays and various cultural events, before the main loyal order parades on the 12th and 13th of july. Bonfires are very much a community effort, with many young folk from local working class areas getting involved in collecting the wood, etc and helping to build the bonfires prior to getting lit on the 11th night. The origins of the bonfires go back to 1690, when they were lit to signal that King William and his army had landed at Carrickfergus to save Ulsters protestant population from most certain slaughter at the hands of King James army? The word bonfire is beleived to have originated in Scandanavia and was a celebration after a battle in which the bodies of the dead were piled and burned! There is also another theory that the term bain, bane or ban fire in celtic times may have referred to hill fires connected with sun worship,  fires were lit in a line of succession as well! Bonfires or beacons, have been used throughout our history and have been used for coronations of monarchs in the British isles,the commemoration of the gunpowder plot in 1605 and in Ireland, bonfires were lit on the 31 October to celebrate halloween or celtic samhain!

In recent times ,in Ulster ,our bonfires have been getting a lot bigger than they used to be, in fact in alot of areas it have become a compitition, to see which area has the biggest bonfire! In large built up areas like Belfast ,where land is scarce ,a lot of former bonfire sites have been built on, forcing some bonfires to be relocated this leaves any young people who wish to carry on our bonfire traditions having to build their fires in built up ares which are close to houses and other properties, etc! This has led to calls by our cultural-marxist enemies in Sinn Fein, SDLP and Alliance party calling for the wood and other bonfire materials to be removed! This in my veiw has backfired on them, as they hired a pirvate contractor to go into the republican stronghold of the Markets area of Belfast, to lift wood being collected by youths for an anti-internment bonfire that republicans have every year! This led to rioting, cars and property being burned ! All over Ulster, these interment bonfires are lit in irish republican areas ,with Ulster and Union flags being burned,election posters are another favourite along with as poppy wreaths,which are laid at our war memorials in memory of soldiers that died in our world wars and other conflicts!

These cultural-marxists ,have a cheek to attack our young folk for doing for doing like wise, but no calls for having their own people investigated for hate crimes etc! It seems the only culture they want to destroy is ours,they couldn’t destroy us by bomb and gun for over 40 years,so they are coming for the next thing we hold dear to us, our pricless culture and identity! what’s  next will they come for after our bonfires? Our war memorials or any statues linked to colonialism?  We are seeing statues being removed that are linked to Boer history in south africa,we are seeing statues being removed and ripped down in the old Confederate states of America too!

Is this the future for the Ulster protestant, are we to face the same out come as the Boer and folk of Dixiland? Sinn Fein are no friends of ours and we don’t want them as our friends. The SDLP, Alliance party, Green party and People Before Profit are all cultural-marxists, the enemies of our culture and identity!

Some of our folk have in the past, have transferred votes to these parties, thinking by doing so it will keep Sinn Fein out of office, but this has backfired on our people in the case of Belfast and so many areas of our country,these smaller parties have turned on our people and voted with Sinn Fein  firstly to remove the Union flag from Belfast city hall and now our bonfires!

If our people dont get teir act together and get registered to vote,we will lose more ground! We dont need half a dozen poliitical parties either, they could all form a Unionist Bloc group that would take control of our country again,this will secure a future for future generations of Ulster people, free from cultural-marxism and all the madness that goes with it !