Ulster’s “Deep State”

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Phoney Tony and the EU set in operation a set of events that has led to a deep surveillance State being established in Northern Ireland.

Israel’s IBM and the info dredgers at the US’s Homeland Security are involved.


The recent events with the Predator Catchers NI with the accusations against Mr Hasson who is an analyst with Outsource solutions. A company linked to the Cyber security community in Belfast and their ability to strike back at whistle blowers has raised eyebrows in Northern Ireland.

They have been able to remove a number of Protestant pages in the past few months on Facebook. Leading to calls for an alternative.

Feminism and anti-prod ideology is in with practical training.

Protestants are not represented in this new “Deep state” and should be extremely worried. So too should ordinary Catholics who like their normal life and don’t subscribe to communism or the excesses…

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Lest We Forget – State Sanctioned Murder



December 27, 1997 saw the murder of Billy Wright, the victim of a trio of low-level criminal thugs attached to the Marxist INLA, the killers weren’t top operatives but the lowest form of hoods. A series of “security breaches” enabled the scumbags to break into the compound/H Block housing the LVF’s prisoners, magically the killers also were able to have obtained arms and munitions, broken cameras, missing prison officers and dodgy fencing ensured the murder was executed thus removing a major and determined opponent of capitulation and surrender, it has only recently emerged Wright was prominent on a list supplied to ZOG of “problematic loyalists” provided by the Progressive Unionist Party.


No longer politically correct to remember victims of the genocidal ambitions of the IRA, you know those lovely folk who sit on the council, with victims now being quietly written out of the history books, however Wright will be recalled and remembered as a true folk hero and a formidable military Brigadeer who successfully led the Mid-Ulster UVF and later the LVF in a sustained military campaign which decimated the republican movement in both mid-Ulster and further afield.




It has not been our intention to enter into the world of paramilitary factionalism, but Wright and the majority of those around him were demonised by former colleagues by then fully signed up to arrangements which thinking Ulster patriots seen as a gradualised process which would lead to our inevitable destruction, twenty years on even the most reactionary and retarded can see the road ahead.

Ulster Awake is not restrained by political correctness or the niceties of spineless unionism in its dealings with our traditional enemies, that Billy Wright brought terror to their constituency ultimately forced the IRA to a position where the option of sectarian slaughter was no longer an option, thus Wright saved many lives, that he lost his own in the process is characteristic of a man who served his country and people in both life and death.

Unlike others we recall his memory with pride and reverence.

Lest We Forget.


Remembering George Seawright, 1987-2017


GEORGE SEAWRIGHT was one of the most controversial political figures in Ulster. In his short Political career he made many enemies and received numerous death threats. Sadly, those threats were carried out on November 19th 1987 when he was cruelly shot in the back of the head by a murder squad from the Marxist Leninist “Irish People’s Liberation Organisation” a particularly vicious offshoot of the INLA. George lingered in a critically ill state in hospital for a fortnight before losing his final fight on December 3rd.

The coverage of George’s shooting on the ITN and BBC news networks gave the strong impression that he only got what he deserved. Who was George Seawright and why did he die?

George Seawright was born in Glasgow of Ulster stock. He worked in the Belfast shipyard until his election to the Northern Ireland Assembly in 1982. He was married with three children and lived in a maisonette in the staunchly loyalist Glencairn Estate. His fiery platform manner soon won him a strong following and he was elected to Belfast City Council in 1981 as a DUP member. His outspokenness and strong sense of Social Justice won him many enemies in both republican and unionist circles. He was much criticised for giving an interview to Nationalism Today in which he applauded the NF, not only for its vigorous support of Ulster’s Cause, but for its policy on race, immigration and social welfare. Typically, he ignored his critics and maintained good relations with the NF until his death.

In 1984 he shot to notoriety over allegedly anti-Catholic remarks he was said to have made at a meeting of the Belfast Education and Library Board. That year he was also strongly criticised when he led a group of people who removed a republican flag from a council leisure centre shortly alter it had been erected by Sinn Féin. George was disowned and expelled from the DUP, but undeterred he regained his council seat as an independent candidate in 1985. He became a strong critic of the sellout tactics and policies of the Paisley/Molyneaux Unionist Establishment, especially in their ineffectual ‘campaign’ against the Anglo-Irish Agreement.

In October 1986 he was sentenced to nine months in Magilligan Prison for his opposition to Tom King’s visit to Belfast City Hall. This caused him to lose his City Council seat. In a letter from prison to a member of the NF’s Central Ulster Executive, he wrote: “I came to the conclusion a long time ago that you could not be a career politician and a patriot at the same time. 1 believe that career politicians whose prime objective is to gain and hold political office within the Establishment are the enemies of true patriotism, as true patriotism puts the welfare and destiny of her people before personal gain and political advantage. 1 notice that another Sunday rag spoke of my political career as being “in ruins” as 1 lose my council seat through this prison sentence. My response to that is so what? So long as 1 never lose my loyalist convictions. Indeed, they must be crazy if they think that by removing my freedom they could also remove my loyalist conviction.”

Unlike Paisley, Robinson, Molyneaux and the rest of their ilk, George sacrificed his political career and his freedom for the Cause of Ulster’s liberty. In the end he paid for his conviction with his life. Once he somewhat cynically stated that if he was ever murdered, there would be a very big funeral for him but then he would be quickly forgotten. This need not be so! REMEMBER SEAWRIGHT should be our inspirational motto in the years of struggle that lie ahead. George Seawright, true patriot, loyalist, Christian martyr and friend I salute your memory. From sacrifice comes victory!


Interesting piece from the Ethnic European.


EXCLUSIVE TO THE ETHNIC EUROPEAN At 42-years of age, Amber Rudd was totally lacking in political experience and showed no interest in public service. Yet, within 72 months of her being parachuted into a safe constituency, she became only the third Home Secretary in the history of the British government; the fifth woman to hold one of the great offices of state, and the fastest rising politician since WWII.

! Amber Rudd

Born to wealthy parents Rudd was privately educated before studying history at Edinburgh University. After university, she started working at investment bank JP Morgan before moving into venture capital.  It was an odd career for someone who had never been gainfully employed and had no banking experience whatsoever.

Such is hardly recognised as idealists or known for championing the underdog. Rudd conceded that her safe constituency was chosen because it was just a train ride from London.

She airily dismisses many of…

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The new face of Ulster education

imageA happy picture of eager pupils embarking on their educational journey, keen to learn and by the smiling faces of both teachers and pupils, the bedrock of a vibrant and prosperous multicultural society of the future.

But here’s a quiz for our older readers, where was this happy scene snapped, the US? Canada? Possibly a London borough or maybe somewhere in a Europe enrich in such diversity?

You may be surprised to learn that this image of multiculturalism is in fact MUCH closer to home & we don’t mean Dundalk, Drogheda or Dublin, the beaming pupils are in fact from Norn Ireland!

As our picture shows, aside from the teachers and a handful of whites, the pupils are comprised from a variety of  ethnic and cultural backgrounds in an area which has, within the last couple of decades been completely and radically transformed via immigration, the children pictured the second generation with their numbers confirming our stated opinion that such diversity is a prelude to the ethnic extinction of the already endangered Ulster-Scot gene pool. Our critics in both the media and politics can no longer deny proof, no longer statistical, but a photographic snapshot which confirms and reenforces our warning of what is to come. That our traditional enemies in Sinn Fein are, seeing electoral advantage,are committed multi racists keen to welcome what they term the “new Irish”, traditional unionism has been silenced by political correctness, fearful of speaking out lest they be branded “racist” by the gloating liberals and their cultural-Marxist republican counterparts.

We echo the grim prophecy of Enoch Powell who sought to warn England and the English of the consequences of unchecked immigration and who, for his sin of breaking the enforced and dictatorial silence which had become the code of British politics, was ostracised and ridiculed.

Truely every picture paints a thousand words!



Glenn Barr RIP

Ulster Awake extends our sympathy to the family and friends of the late Glenn Barr who passed away earlier this week. There will be much written about this man and his legacy, however we remember Barr as a true Ulster Patriot, a man with the courage of his convictions and a man willing to take on the might of both a Westminister treason regime dedicated to capitulation to murderous red republican terrorists. The strike of 1974, a success credited to Paisley was in fact a resounding success for working class loyalism which found voice and a figurehead in the personality of Barr and ordinary folk like him who saw the strike through hardship and bloodshed and to the overthrow of the hated Sunningdale agreement.


On a personal level I had the oppertunity to hear Barr speak many years ago at an Armagh gathering in which the issue of Independence was discussed and whilst he had long left the political arena he spoke of his experiences and opinion relating to the matter.

A unitary Ireland scared the British, not because of an immediate aftermath which would be characterised by bloody internal conflict and civil war, but because countless thousands of Ulster refugees would be seeking sanctuary on the UK mainland with similar fratricidal conflict taking place on the streets of Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and London as events in an “Eire Nua” would incite conflict there.

The lesson of ’74 remains part of our heritage & folklore, the refusal by patriots to be governed by knaves and tyrants makes the rulers irrevelant and impotent.

Lest we forget. Quis Separabit.

A case for Ulster Independence?


This article represents a personal opinion as opposed to policy.

Recently the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd was quoted at her party conference;

“People who repeatedly view terrorist content online could face up to 15 years behind bars in a move designed to tighten the laws tackling radicalisation the home secretary, Amber Rudd, is to announce on Tuesday.

A new maximum penalty of 15 years’ imprisonment will also apply to terrorists who publish information about members of the armed forces, police and intelligence services for the purposes of preparing acts of terrorism.

The tightening of the law around viewing terrorist material is part of a review of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy following the increasing frequency of terrorist attacks in Britain this year.

“I want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online, including jihadi websites, far-right propaganda and bomb-making instructions, face the full force of the law,” said Rudd. “There is currently a gap in the law around material [that] is viewed or streamed from the internet without being permanently downloaded.

“This is an increasingly common means by which material is accessed online for criminal purposes and is a particularly prevalent means of viewing extremist material such as videos and web pages,” added the home secretary.”

The same Home Secretary who has, this year alone, proscribed three nationalist organisation under the terrorism act when in reality there were neither instances of terror, nor any indication that anything other than assistance being provided to downtrodden Brits on the sharp end of Tory austerity, campaigning on a platform of a mono-cultural and mono-racial Britain and building camaradie amongst its membership, YET no bans nor prescription for violent jihadists or dissident republicans.

The fact is the UK under its Tory government has become totalitarian and dictatorial is a fact of political life  that populist opinion is silenced and it’s advocates subject to Stasi style arrest and intimidation by the police and security services, most ordinary folk fearful of free speech or thought as the Tories point to the “alternative” government of the lunatic Labour Party and the odious Jeremy Corbyn.


Stark choices indeed, particularly at a time when the UK is becoming increasingly fragmented by race, creed and class, being British in the modern era means little in terms of race or nationality given that successive waves of immigration has being rotting the very core of the nation for almost 70 years, it’s major cities see the white British becoming a new underclass ethnic minority, history rewritten and alien people’s and creeds now predominating in the media, education, justice and politics.

Certainly the Ulster-Scot, it’s linage and heritage is under threat too, not just by our traditional republican enemies, but by the same toxic multiculturalism which has destroyed large parts of these islands, and with its Indian PM and ever growing Muslim and black communities, I, with regret include Eire in this equation.


Our continued place under Westminister, or indeed corporation into some form of unitary Irish state both guarntee that we Ulster Scots, as a unique ethnic and cultural identity will disappear, supplanted and replaced by the tidal waves of immigration, asylum seekers, economic migrants and alien intelopers. This is not alarmist rethoric or bigotry, it is simply a biological FACT. However, as Ms. Rudd now informs us,speaking out on such matters is now an indictable and criminal offence as her party attempts to stifle what little remains of our freedom.

In the early days of the troubles and the very real danger of our enforced inclusion into a unitary Irish state, patriotic Ulsterman rallied to the banner of the Vanguard movement, a body set up to resist such an idea and to, if circumstances demanded declare our Independence from both.

With the economic decline, racial ruination and fractured society seeing the terminal decline of the UK, despite the heroic efforts of countless thousands of brave patriots who sought to right these wrongs, it may well be the eleventh hour in asscessing our own constitutional position. Remember after immigration and the changes such diverse people’s lend to society, it is in real terms virtually impossible in the modern era to remove such folk and return the land to the indigenous inhabitants.

It is indeed a question for us all!