Lest We Forget – State Sanctioned Murder



December 27, 1997 saw the murder of Billy Wright, the victim of a trio of low-level criminal thugs attached to the Marxist INLA, the killers weren’t top operatives but the lowest form of hoods. A series of “security breaches” enabled the scumbags to break into the compound/H Block housing the LVF’s prisoners, magically the killers also were able to have obtained arms and munitions, broken cameras, missing prison officers and dodgy fencing ensured the murder was executed thus removing a major and determined opponent of capitulation and surrender, it has only recently emerged Wright was prominent on a list supplied to ZOG of “problematic loyalists” provided by the Progressive Unionist Party.


No longer politically correct to remember victims of the genocidal ambitions of the IRA, you know those lovely folk who sit on the council, with victims now being quietly written out of the history books, however Wright will be recalled and remembered as a true folk hero and a formidable military Brigadeer who successfully led the Mid-Ulster UVF and later the LVF in a sustained military campaign which decimated the republican movement in both mid-Ulster and further afield.




It has not been our intention to enter into the world of paramilitary factionalism, but Wright and the majority of those around him were demonised by former colleagues by then fully signed up to arrangements which thinking Ulster patriots seen as a gradualised process which would lead to our inevitable destruction, twenty years on even the most reactionary and retarded can see the road ahead.

Ulster Awake is not restrained by political correctness or the niceties of spineless unionism in its dealings with our traditional enemies, that Billy Wright brought terror to their constituency ultimately forced the IRA to a position where the option of sectarian slaughter was no longer an option, thus Wright saved many lives, that he lost his own in the process is characteristic of a man who served his country and people in both life and death.

Unlike others we recall his memory with pride and reverence.

Lest We Forget.



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