The new face of Ulster education

imageA happy picture of eager pupils embarking on their educational journey, keen to learn and by the smiling faces of both teachers and pupils, the bedrock of a vibrant and prosperous multicultural society of the future.

But here’s a quiz for our older readers, where was this happy scene snapped, the US? Canada? Possibly a London borough or maybe somewhere in a Europe enrich in such diversity?

You may be surprised to learn that this image of multiculturalism is in fact MUCH closer to home & we don’t mean Dundalk, Drogheda or Dublin, the beaming pupils are in fact from Norn Ireland!

As our picture shows, aside from the teachers and a handful of whites, the pupils are comprised from a variety of  ethnic and cultural backgrounds in an area which has, within the last couple of decades been completely and radically transformed via immigration, the children pictured the second generation with their numbers confirming our stated opinion that such diversity is a prelude to the ethnic extinction of the already endangered Ulster-Scot gene pool. Our critics in both the media and politics can no longer deny proof, no longer statistical, but a photographic snapshot which confirms and reenforces our warning of what is to come. That our traditional enemies in Sinn Fein are, seeing electoral advantage,are committed multi racists keen to welcome what they term the “new Irish”, traditional unionism has been silenced by political correctness, fearful of speaking out lest they be branded “racist” by the gloating liberals and their cultural-Marxist republican counterparts.

We echo the grim prophecy of Enoch Powell who sought to warn England and the English of the consequences of unchecked immigration and who, for his sin of breaking the enforced and dictatorial silence which had become the code of British politics, was ostracised and ridiculed.

Truely every picture paints a thousand words!




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