The Orwellian Steamroller

Few will have missed the news relating to the removal of Confederate statues demanded by the militant left and now being enthusiastically implemented by the liberal puppets in local government, a joint cosmopolitan mindset and a universalist outlook revising history from their perspective.

Of course the BBC have been cheerleaders for the project, smearing anyone opposed to the demolition to their culture and heritage as KKK, white supremacists, etc., etc., the usual tactics designed to stifle opposition and silence anyone with opinion contrary to that of the agitational liberal-left and its revisionist agenda. To fully implement their agenda it is necessary to re-write history, statues and other symbols of an illustrious past simply don’t have a place in societies multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, after all such reminders of yesteryear are exclusively white and a reminder to an era where our race built civilisation, were discoverers, scientists, Warriors, scientists and statesmen.



Thus far the removal of statues has been confined to the Continental US, however it would be a foolish fallacy to imagine that it will end there, after all globalism, pressing for “a brave new world” cannot or will not ignore any vestige of reminders to a past which did not require the input of aliens and interlopers as, after all, in terms of education it will be easier to convince future generations that prior to their cosmopolitan tommorrow there was no history!


Read and re-read the above paragraph from Orwell’s 1984, think of it in a local sense, consider “the Party” and consider the stated aim of Sinn Fein! An organisation actively revising and rewriting the bloody past and involvement in the ethnic and political genocide encapsulated in the period of recent history known as the troubles, itself neither an apt or accurate description of the evil and barbaric nature of their role in events.


Of course there are “good” statues, statues of the meritorious reminder of those who   Dedicated their lives in service of cultural bolshevikism, political correctness, brutal terrorism or their role, or more accurately war-criminality in the murder of defenceless civilians, here were are talking about the London statue of Arthur “bomber” Harris, who carpet bombed surrendering German civilians and who is portrayed as a war hero by a corrupt and decedent Westminister state, top heavy with cosmopolitan zionists, sexual deviants and doctrinaire multi-cultural social engineers, Harris too is one of the “good goys”.


Lastly and in line with the cosmopolitan narrative, similarly honoured by the establishment, we have “Saint” Nelson Mandela, the spiritual bedfellow and ideological comrade of Adams & the IRA. What an amazing tribute to bombing, murder and terror, a place of pilgrimage for the parties of multi-cultural schoolchildren as they learn of his struggle as an equalitarian reformer and champion!


Perhaps in the cultural-Marxist Britain of the future, the remnants of the past smashed away the establishment will erect new tributes to those who in recent history made such sacrifices in reformation, Martin McGuiness, Jimmy Saville and Cecil Smith spring to mind!

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