Whores, Drunks & Spivs – a caustic look at the media



Recent revelations on the pay packets of BBC presenters has caused little more than a ripple of discontent amongst the sheeplike public, with most too stupid to work out that they are directly paying the inflated, dare we say bloated, swags packet of what are essentially the front line of what Donald Trump termed “fake news”. We are going to take a look at some of the charlatans who mesmerise the Ulster public with a steady stream of coded misinformation combined with outright bullshit.


First up we’ve the boul Stephen Nolan, the biggest mouth behind what he and the Beeb term “the biggest show in the country”, a radio show which he hosts five days a week, in addition to other TV and radio presenting. Nolan likes to come across as a working class kid who done well as well as being a voice for “the people”, however the people and causes he champions often contrary to the opinion too stupid to simply switch this bloated shyster off, sexual deviation, left-wing ideology, prod bashing combined with an ill desguised republican agenda all designed to excite his audience into ringing in enabling him to denigrate them and opinion contrary to his own malevolent agenda, a simple philosophy ensuring a guarnteed audience for Nolan and his crap, the programme is interspersed with trivia and nonsense designed to appeal to old people in nursing homes, after all, no one can be allowed to escape the grasp of the fat-man and his mind-numbing vocalised voice of cultural Marxism!



Whilst the BBC is established as a bastion of bloated pay packets and Bolshevik propaganda, they are but one arm of an octopus perverting the minds, warping the values and instilling leftist ideas into the physche of its victims, newspapers too play an important part in the process. It is true that, particularly in the Internet era that fewer people actually newspapers anymore, nevertheless it is a propaganda oppertunity that globalism cannot ignore, so a local audience receptive to ideas must be catered to.


Sunday mornings generally mean a look through the Sunday World, for years this rag literally invented stories about anyone and everyone they didn’t like, generally people from the loyalist community who they’d taken umbridge at, its targets/victims would usually be assigned a nickname (King Rat, the grizzly, mad dog, etc.), stories concocted and in the public eyes, as well as in the eyes of republican terrorists, not only were those targeted bad guys, but legitimate targets for the IRA’s killer gangs, a win/win scenario for the drunken and red fantasists masquerading as journalists!

Of course not all featured in its pages were happy campers, in fact some featured were decidedly unhappy, people had to move house, check under their car and vary their daily routines having been featured. Jim McDowell, its northern “editor” pictured above “nursing a black eye” allegedly inflicted by loyalist paramilitary thugs at Belfast’s Yuletide continental markets, the victim of vendetta, or as CCTV and witness evidence would indicate the subject of an intoxicated stumble, but still truth doesn’t get in the way of another good story!


Whilst the brutal assault on the ‘Boul Jim may be an example of (((fake news))) the case and unfortunate demise of his Lurgan colleague was the result of some severe criticism over what amounted to a persistent and imaginative campaign Martin O’Hagan, above, waged against specific loyalist targets some very local to mid-Ulster. O’Hagan, a doctrinaire cultural communist, Official IRA Prisioner & Workers Party cadre paid the ultimate price for his lying, alcohol fuelled and politically motivated campaign against the wrong people. The laughable and leftist “press complaints commission” weren’t required on this occasion.


Finally featured is the Belfast Telegraph’s/Sunday Life’s Ciaran Barnes, Ciaran, “chief reporter” is another provocation expert especially when it comes to the denigration of the PUL community, no surprise given he learnt his trade as a hack on the republican “South Belfast News” which was the equivalent of An Phoblacht with adverts for taxis and bars on the Ormeau road. His journalism largely comprised of stolen content from people’s social media accounts and concocted into a weekly slab of inuendo, half-truths and outright lies, what better cure for a hung over Sunday morning public?!?

Thankfully more and more people are no longer buying into the lie machine, people are seeing through the fog of cultural-Marxism, the anti-British and anti-White diet of lies, It must be our objective to build an alternative to this decedent and corrupt institution.



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