SDLP’s Carmel Hanna running a refugee re-homing center on the Donegall rd

Northern Ireland Demands the right

If ever there was proof that the Protestants of Sandy Row are being sold out, this is it.

SDLP politicial Carmel Hanna operates a business that is paid to re-home Refugees etc in Sandy Row. Must be great for her to watch the breakup of a community she despises and be paid for it.

Fellow SDLPer and (Daughter ??) Clair Hanna at the refugee protest.


The ‘charity’ is incorporated and has £100,000s moving through the books.


Carmel Hanna is one of the main officers.

Here is what they do. Basically resettle people from all around the world in Belfast. If you look at the video you can see all different flags on the wall. If these are Syrian refugees, why would they need all the different flags?

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