Ulster & Dixie, United We Stand!



Every year on the 12th of July Ulsterfolk celebrate King Willim of Orange’s victory over King James II at the battle of the Boyne, the hi-light of what is termed the marching season, between March and the end of September members of hundreds of bands and the Loyal Orders take to the streets to celebrate their vibrant and very colourful culture and identity!

These events are celebrated by most of our across Ulster as most of its participants are rooted in their local communities. These Ulsterfolk decorate their housing estates, villages, towns and cities by putting up Orange arches, bunting and flags on lamp posts in the run up to the 11th night bonfires& 12th July parades.

In recent years due to growing interest in our Ulster-Scots identity, people have started displaying flags to which folk of our descent have left these shores to make a new life for themselves. All over Ulster you’ll see flags from America, Austraila, Canada and NZ fluttering in the breeze alongside our traditional Ulster, Union, Orange standards along with Ulster-Scots flags.

Ulster has a long history with the N. American continient, as hundreds of thousands of our people departed our homeland to become the soldiers, pioneers and Presidents of what has become the USA, Confederate battle flags along with other flags of its southern states have also appeared on our streets enraging the political mouthpieces of Sinn Fein/IRA, the SDLP and Alliance Party.

They come out with the usual rants and liberal/left mantra about the racist nature of such emblems, connected to KKK, White supremacist, charge people putting them up with hate crime, etc., etc. You know, the usual control words to shut down and attack any form of heritage or cultural identity they wish to eradicate!

The people of Ulster-Scots have every right to fly the Confederate battle flag and any other associated with the American civil war, the second war of independence as our ancestors fought on either side of the conflict, men such as Generals Stonewall Jackson & J.E.B. stuart fought for the Confederacy whilst Ulyses S. Grant and George McClelland fought for the Union.

it was Gen. Robert E. Lee who once remarked as to what race made the best soldiers, “the Scotch-Irish who came to this country by the way of Ireland (Ulster), because they have the dash of the Irish in taking a position and the stubbornness of the Scots in holding it!”, many of these Scots-Irish could’ve traced their linage back to Ulster and Scotland, some may have even fought in King William’s army, defended Derry’s walls and Enniskillen as well as driving the Williamite war in Ireland.

The Ulster-Scots have much to be proud of and every legitimite right to fly whatever flag we choose that have a historical or cultural connection with folk.

The cultural Marxists in the various Irish republican groups along with other liberal leftsts have no opinion when it comes to the flying of Palestinian, Catalonian, Basque, Cuban and various other failed revolutionary terror groups flags in the Bogside, Tyrone, W. Belfast or S. Armagh. we don’t openly attack them in the manner of our opponents, so why do do those formally listed attempt to supress our heritage and identity? Simply because they are a constituant part of a globalist cultural Marxist agenda seeking destruction of nation-states and the different ethnic groups that make up local communities which by extention make up the villages, towns and cities of our lands.

It is these communities that make up the Loyal Orders, the members of our marching bands as well as the many Ulster-Scots groups. For decades there has been a concerted effort on behalf of Irish republicans to drive our people from spesific geographical areas, Orange Halls often providing a hub for local communities burned, Orange arches vandalised, our flags removed and as in the case of Belfast City Council, once you are in a minority the flag flown only on designated dates. All in the name if equality and diversity and thats just for starters

Does that sound familiar? It should do as it is also happening in the Southern states of America, they too are having their proud history attacked with the removal of their flags alongside a concerted campaign to destroy statues and even graveyards levelled, the same cosmopolitianism identical save for the fact that they are designated as BLM, SPLC and the democrats, even people within the republican party have sokd out long ago to their globalist financiers.

You see, Ulster & Dixie have common history, culture & identity, I don’t think we need lefties to tell us how best we celebrate it. We need to stand strong against a philosophy which wants to eradicate us.

No more compromise, NO SURRENDER!





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