Tears and Tantrums, when democracy goes wrong!

The recent parliamentary election has changed the face of UK politics but, like the EU referendum, a result which has not pleased all! Two catastrophic defeats for the liberal-left has seen their mask of “tolerance” slip, exposing the true face of their cultural-Marxist agenda.



For starters Sinn Fein/IRA weren’t happy with the Tories requiring the electoral support of the DUP, a sentiment shared by the UK media, with the Democratic Unionists, who’s values include Christian morality and principle surrounding the abomination of same-sex marriage, the murderous holocaust of abortion along with distain for governmental terrorists and a desire to secure our borders. For Sinn Fein, a body opposed to and abstaining from UK democracy, seeing the DUP securing a deal in Ulster’s best interests sticks in the craw of these sectarian gangsters and political hoodlums.

Furthermore both they along with their alliance and SDLP counterparts correctly perceive that it is no longer necessary to placate their destructive agendas up at Stormont, an institution collapsed by the arrogance of SF. Whilst the Provos were at the heart of government here it’s institutions were never going to work but it’s water under the bridge as effective control having been returned to Westminster.

Political liberalism here in Ulster took an electoral pasting with zero seats for the Ulster unionists, SDLP and AP, all consigned to yapping from the sidelines, beyond their own marginal and decreasing constituencies they are increasingly incidental. Whilst electorally SF increased their vote, their abstentionism confines their anti-British agenda to the dustbin.


On the mainland we have already seen angry demonstrations by the far-left, Sinn Fein’s ideological and political comrades in SNP (a party losing seats, electoral support and credibility) along with the cosmopolitan perverts wedded not only to SSM but a degeneracy rotting our Nation from within. The above picture confirms the credentials and political agenda of such opposition.

Neither the Tories nor the DUP are perfect, but both have a mandate representing millions, many hundreds of thousands separating them from the political left, Corbyn, Adams, O’Neill & Sturgeon have in this instance failed in forwarding their politics of racial ruination coupled with national suicide.

As a footnote and has been expressed elsewhere, we are seeing Ulster again, as we did in two World Wars, come to Britain’s aid.

No Surrender!



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