Amnesty International Ireland funded by George Soros

Northern Ireland Demands the right

George Soros, the Hungarian Jew who worked for the Nazis during their occupation funds Ireland’s Amnesty international and the Irish Family Planning Association. The latter being a pro-eugenics lobby group.

Amnesty Ireland received €137,000 from a Soros foundation.

George Soros is a globalist who you may have heard of. His fingerprints are all over global events such as the war in Syria, the migrant crisis and the coup in Ukraine.

Soros also funds outfits like Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA linked leftist groups.


George Soros is just one of many Zionist billionaires who fund operations to use leftist activism and Universities like the Central European University that he started to create social unrest and to manipulate white populations. This guy is an anti-white genocidal maniac to put it frankly. Hell bent on getting revenge against white people for the Holocaust. He wants us poor, aborting our kids and surrounded by radical…

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