More publicly funded ANTIFA antics with the Streetwise Samba band compromising their “so called” neutrality and cross community credentials.

The photo below clearly showing the band complete with SSB tee-shirts banging drums for masked ANTIFA thugs at Belfast City Hall last Saturday! By the look of their hair one would smell them before seeing them!


SSB are funded by Belfast City Council and also get lottery funding. Their membership is exclusively far left and indeed republican. That said they are careful to hide their Irish tricolours and republican symbols, although you will see plenty of flags being waved by their supporters showing support for extremist left wing republican terror groups and such like! They are also a regular fixture at the , supposedly neutral St Patrick’s Day parade in Belfast and elsewhere.

You can bet your life that they claim to be a cross community apolitical group to get funding! When do they ever get involved in any events celebrating PUL, ( Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist ), culture? The answer is that they don’t  and therefore cannot claim to be cross community. Being involved with ANTIFA demos, which are often violent, certainly means they cannot claim to be apolitical!

The picture below depicts hidden faced ANTIFA , those who SSB are happy enough to provide support for, with terrorist Godfather and blood soaked Marxist bastard Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein/IRA.

Pictures like these make a mockery of ANTIFA’s claims they are not linked to terrorists! Well just ask  Belfast ANTIFA leader Chris MacCormick, he is regularly pictured in republican colour parties in Belfast!


The Samba band get public and lottery funding for cross community work. Behaving as Belfast ANTIFA’s drum corps quite clearly is not cross community nor apolitical!

If you are a, understandably, outraged Belfast ratepayer would encourage you to complain to Belfast City Council and demand an explanation, in writing, as to why public money is being used to support left wing extremism and to encourage violence by ANTIFA and republican terrorists in your City!

Make sure and share this far and wide folks, no let up on and no surrender to, the left wing extremist and terrorist supporting filth of ANTIFA!




  1. Amusingly some of the liberals who were at the protest were perturbed by the green, white & orange AFA flags, concerned that the public may have seen them as sectarian, LOL, they simply don’t understand that AFA, war zone, etc., is a front for dissident republicanism!


  2. Antifas are scum everywhere, it seems. Obviously they love to pretend they are apolitical, and to be the good guys, when in fact, they are the vilest scum you can see. I would bet that they are being financed by the State in Spain as well. And a couple of months ago, they gave a beating to a girl who was wearing a bracelet with the Spanish flag. Not even occupying troops would behave as ruthlessly like that. They beat her because, in their eyes, she was “a fascist pig”. Here is the story:

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