Gotta Have Faith!



Recent weeks have seen extensive trolling of our social media by unreconstructed republicans and the anarco-reds associated with Belfast ANTIFA, from their combined, though ill fated, trolling we have gathered some useful info on who these people are and their agenda. What seemed to incite them was that we had uncovered one of their leaders, well in a follow up we can also reveal the lovely Faith Ross, a somewhat shy and retiring wall flower who occasionally posts under her own account (usually inciting violence against Ulster Awake and others she deems to be “fascist”) though to be fair the ginger dwarf looks unlikely to be capible of much actual action herself.

In public these sort of reds are keen to conceil their identities, but from FB and other social media outlets (giyf) we have a fairly extensive database of both their cadres and their camp followers, their friends and their political affialitions which generally tend to be of the dissident republican variety. We are still checking and following up information provided by “interested third parties” which we will be publishing in the near future.



Unless we are much mistaken, Faith on the far left is enjoying Belfast’s Christmas market in the company of other dubious lefties.

Don’t take it personally, but when you incite violence and promote an ideology of terror and murder, you can expect to be featured here and elsewhere!



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