Agenda of Hate, another look at the Left

Recent information received via social media on prominent figures involved in local ANTIFA provides more proof, if needed, of the thinly desguised republican agenda and activists operating behind what is essentially a flag of convenience. Of course their language is couched, but their wide range of enemies from racial patriots, anti-abortionists, the advocates of traditional marriage/family values, politicians hostile to globalism as well as the PUL community are vilified by their vile propaganda which seeks to collectively label them as “Nazis”, in the absence of real Fascists it is their objective to create straw men justifying their campaign.



This offering from “concerned residents”  seeks to demonise PUL culture akin to Fascism, Nazism & Zionism, the former rather silly propaganda given the distinctly non-fascist character of the marching orders, whilst the spurious claim of Zionism is thrown into the mix to incite hatred amongst the pro-Palestinian/Muslim republican community who get very excited by events and politics of the Middle East!



Here we have a selection of Sinn Fein nasties Sheehan & McCartney both MLA’s, but Wilson is a more dangerous character, believed to have been a very senior IRA terrorist and a member of their deadly and murderous “army council”, sharing Mr. Meshal’s enthuasism for third world revolutionary politics, with Sinn Fein, dissident republicans, ANTIFA and the broader nationalist community encouraged to perceive the Ulster-Scots as a localised varience of racist Zionism!

A curiosity glance at a wide range of Irish/Scottish republican, left and AFA social media outlets collectively, albeit in couched/moderated language make these claims, but the response to such posts from their followers are much less restrained with open calls for murder and mayhem to be visited upon “the Huns”. Were such comments to be posted on a British Nationalist or Loyalist outlet then in the first instance one may expect a visit from the police, a slot on the Stephen Nolan show and the removal of the page along with the banning of the admin account YET the far-left fenian extremist would designate such commentary as proof positive of Fascism.

We are awake to the game and Ulster Awake will continue to expose the dubious and dangerously deluded agenda of both fenianism and their far-left fronts.


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