Requiem for a rodent

We have left commentary on the death of “our” former deputy first minister for a few days, but now the circus has moved on, the great and the good have paid their glowing tribute to McGuiness we take a critical look at the career of this repugnant and unrepentant terrorist, yes Adams, McGuiness was no “freedom fighter” but the hand behind what amounted to genocide.


Here we see the political side of Adams and McGuiness, in this instance in the company of another unrepentant bomber, Nelson Mandela, happily Mandela is long gone, his legacy a formeraly prosperous and advanced nation reduced to a third world slum plagued by starvation, tribal violence and ruled by the heavy ebony hand of Stalinism, the same evil yolk Sinn Fein would seek to impose on Ulster folk of all persuasions as well as the rest of the island.


We  could print the names of victims, people of all denominations and none who McGuiness deemed collaborators or the agents of British imperialism, however operations over which he presided we’ll mention two, Claudy and Enniskillen, were, in the first instance, totally indiscriminate whilst the Poppy Day Massacre was blatantly sectarian, the republican movement’s message to the Ulster Scots. Individual cases of this man’s evil, such as that of Catholic Frank Heggerty are an apt illustration of Martin McGuiness’ barbarity.

The republican plot in Londonderry city cemetary has gained another goulish inhabitant enjoining other physcopaths and murderers, whilst he evaded justice in this world we can but hope his deeds are brought to bear in the next.



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