The Nation Wreckers



To date we have looked at both the detrimental effect of immigration, how the immigrant influx had fundamentally changed society as well as the cultural Marxists who have politically benefitted by what in certain parts of Ulster, amounts to an virtual invasion.

Whilst the liberal-left decry our ethno-nationalism as the fevered rantings of the far-right and that our campaign is in defence of capitalism/big business our critics either don’t know or purposely ignore the fact that immigration is at the behest of finance-driven, multinational companies & corporations, entities which demanded cheap labour in their absence of providing decent wages and conditions to Ulsterfolk.

Why employ Brendan or Billy at £9 p/h when we can have Pablo or Gregori doing the same job for £6.95-£7.20 without moaning about overtime/nights or weekends as those much needed funds are needed back home, and with nine to a two up/two down terrace house their living expenses are to a bare minimum!

image The various shyster recruitment agencies have been amongst big beneficiaries of the influx, to the extent that even the. Smaller scale operations now have international offices/recruitment centres in the Phillipines, Portugal & Poland with a full service provided to impoverished locals, with visa, flights and accomodadation provided by slum landlords on this side everyone, save for our local workers and house hunters, is a winner! It goes without saying that the expansion of slum housing in Craigavon, S. Tyrone and parts of Belfast are as a DIRECT result of what amounts to an economic migrant crisis.

imageThose shiny new buildings didn’t get there overnight, but are the product of long term financial planning by the multinationals and international finance, that every facet of their operations are driven by cost and profit margin, their expansion and all those wonderful new jobs we hear of aren’t primarily aimed at alleviating local unemployment, simply another wave of new neighbours in our ever forbidding, ever darkening town and city centres as their call for cut price labour reaches an increasingly receptive audience in impoverished far away lands.

Thus the liberal-left are patiently wrong, their assertion that somehow we are the boot boys of capitalism is both “false news” and an indication that the left in particular, largely the preserve of students and work shy fenians, has no understanding of the economic impoverishment of OUR working class.

Whilst Ulster Awake is grounded very much in such concerns, the defence of globalist companies or the rights or entitlement of an imported coolie workforce is not part of our agenda.


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