Election 2017 – toward the abyss

With the voting figures now in, we take a look at the results and their significance for the Ulster people.

The big story was of course the Sinn Fein result, to be fair they worked hard toward this strengthened position, their electoral machine went into overdrive, imported activists and cadres from the South and the transport of their constituency to the polls  paid off and with their strengthened mandate it is little wonder that the PUL community ask what next as they persue what Arlene Foster termed the radical republican agenda.

For certain they will implement their equality agenda, an agenda which not only includes an Irish language act, but the murder of the unborn via legislation designed to weaken abortion law and of course the welcome wagon will be put out for the invasive masses.


Also expect new draconian “hate laws” and race relations acts to stifle criticism of the influx.

Sinn Fein used and utilised every minority in their electoral campaign, but there were three targeted constituencies, first we have the traditional sectarian fenian bigot with promises of ending the union and putting the boot into the Huns, the vote was in the bag. Then we had the smaller but more politically correct and astute vote which included, but wasn’t exclusive to, the Seme sex marriage brigade, the would be killers of the unborn fanatical feminists, the immigrants and their advocates along with the far left who yearn for revolution, class war and the establishment of the communist utopia outlined in SF’s utopian Eire Nua/32 county socialist republic, border less, internationalist and based upon the evil doctrine of Karl Marx.


It is also a key policy that the party, contrary to any aspiration of national independence, is fanatically committed to the EU as the republican strategist knows that the socialism they espouse is economic gobbledygook, simply put a Sinn Fein Ireland would, without foreign financial aid, soon crumble as the country’s resources would be squandered on their madcap schemes.

We offered no advice to our supporters during the election, the DUP have proven untrustworthy and incompinient with public finance, the UUP entering into a failed electoral pact with the “moderate” republicans of the SDLP, the PUP being neo-Marxist and the TUV unlikely to have polled well beyond Jim Allisters’ personal fiefdom in N. Antrim.

However it is now time to set aside political differences to safeguard not only our constitutional position, but our homeland for our future generations, failure to do so as a point of urgency will make the genocidal fenianism of 30 years of IRA terror seem like a walk in the park.

Communism doesn’t kill the individual, it kills people’s and destroys nations….


6 thoughts on “Election 2017 – toward the abyss

      1. We agree, fact is SF have outmanoeuvred the Unionist parties and their cardboard cut out politicos, unless they can get their act together and motivate the electorate to think, act and vote tactically then it’s certain we’ll be looking at our precarious position in a 32 county socialist republic. No longer the pipe dream of republican strategists and cadres, but a very real nightmare for our kids.


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