The SNP, Scotland’s Sinn Fein

Recently prominent individuals in the SNP , including an MSP, a councillor and a prospective council candidate have come under media scrutiny for their open support for Irish republican terrorism, sharing both vicious hatred of Britain combined with faux nationalism as a thin disguise for their vile politics of cultural Marxism.



Pictured above (in the middle)!) is the SNP MSP for Glasgow, Shettleston, Mason is, in addition to being a committed multiculturalist a supporter of IRA terrorism. He recently described the vile killers of the three Scottish soldiers in Legioneil, Belfast in 1973 as “freedom fighters”. His later enforced “apology” was wholly cosmetic, ill disguising the common cause which drives republicans on both sides of the water..

While the SNP are doctrinaire anti-racist, with Asians having provided the initial cash funding to establish the party, republicans there are keen to enter a culture of victim hood where by their large Irish fenian support base are the subject of an imaginary racism. To hilight such racism they parade IRA supporting flute bands through areas of Scotland where they are clearly not welcome. Opposition to such activity, evidence of said “racism”. In effect it is a charade, but a charade designed to build a foreign culture of anti-British republicanism on Scotland’s streets.

Here we have an example of one such participant in these sort of events.



While the SNP seek to promote an image of socially concerned nationalists putting the welfare of indigenous Scots at the top of their agenda, a curious glance at the Party’s social media brings up a very different range of images, graphic in their illustration of an organisation comrade to those concerned with Marxism & Murder.

The  proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing.



5 thoughts on “The SNP, Scotland’s Sinn Fein

  1. Reblogged this on The Roper Report and commented:
    In European News, some self-branded Scottish Nationalists are actually cultural Marxists who endorse unlimited nonWhite immigration into the northern half of the U.K.. They also support I.R.A. terrorist actions and their anti-Protestant, anti-British (indeed, anti-White) ideology.

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  2. Interesting read. I thought I was one of few drawing the Sinn Fein comparisons while looking at the SNP.

    They, and (opposition) Labour, need to better vet and/or control their MSPs and MPs who present the one man’s Freedom Fighter is another man’s terrorist argument. It’s offensive to any touched by such conflict.

    The thinly veiled anti-English sentiment is quite disgusting. Their conduct in the Commons quite uncouth.


  3. I personally believe the SNP view Sinn Fein, their methods and ideology, as a template for their politics. With the Provos call for a border poll can it be coincidal that the Surgeon demands another Independence referendum? I think not!


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