The new face of republicanism



Today Sinn Fein confirmed Michelle O’Neill to be their new Stormont Kommissar, replacing McGuinness as their choice for political stardom and what commentators believe to have been a break with direct linkage with the PIRA. Connor Murphy, a convicted terrorist had been tipped for the role, but clearly their so-called “army council” had decided to opt for a different image, that said image is representative of multi-culturalism and a foreign component in modern republicanism is telling of the cultural Marxism which drives their malevolent agenda.

Whilst SF are keen to play up her long term political activism on their behalf along with her Gaelic credentials and involvement in local Tyrone GAA circles, the fact is Ms. O’Neill is, despite efforts to appear otherwise, of distinct oriental linage as clearly seen in the above picture and thus another figurehead in their commitment to white racial genocide via both miscegenation and immigration. O’Neill represents a second generation of immigrants persuaded, along with other alien elements, to take their role in the liberation/third world nationalism espoused by the republican movement. Another warning that immigration and the integration of alien peoples is contrary to our political and national interest here in Ulster.

The politicos of Sinn Fein may see O’Neill as possibly more acceptable to the PUL community given that she played, as far as it can be ascertained, no active role in IRA terrorism, in fact her new role is possibly more harmful given her own toxic admixture of feminism, fenianism and muti-culture, a brave new world or the stepping stone to that of a chaotic and anarchistic third world?

One wonders what Arthur Griffiths, the founder of Sinn Fein would have made of his political descendents given his stated aversion to “Jews and Orientals”?

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