#Racism in the CUSU

Northern Ireland Demands the right


The self confessed communist troll and ultra politically correct ANTIFA activist Kristian Sucilla O’Sullivan can himself now be EXPOSED as a racist.

Kristian was (may still be) the president of Coventry’s Student Union. A Union that is extremely politically correct to the point that they try to shut down anyone protesting against grooming in the town or the injustice over the racist murder of Any Pratt. The murder of a white pensioner who was beaten to death in the street by a Muslim who got just 42 months in jail for the brutal racist murder.

He is pictured below opposing a a protest called by the English Defence League.


He was also part of the group that doxed Alex Davies (formerly of NA) and part of the mob that chased Alex out of Warwick University.

He stood for election in the Henley subdivision of coventry polling a miserable 35 votes…

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