Two tales of terror

The UK media yesterday announced that Amber Rudd was to ban National Action, a nationalist youth group which had, via propaganda, been challenging the farce of parliamentary democracy, the Zionist stranglehold on the banks, media and politics along with the self destructive nature of multiculturalism.

The rationale behind this ban simply didn’t make sense given that NA hadn’t killed anyone, they hadn’t robbed banks, blown anyone up or set fire to anything, in effect their “terrorism” was that they  were effective in promoting their opinion, an opinion at variance with the political correctness/conformity which sees Britons mute in the face of an imported jihad and a political system effectively in the grip of charlatans and traitors.

Vile neo-Nazi gang set up ‘whites only’ food bank on streets of Glasgow SICKENED anti-racism campaigners say the group are bribing homeless to spread hate as Scottish members claimed to stage a pop-up food bank on Argyle Street.

Above we see NA activists  (with added  Zionist narrative) feeding the homeless in Glasgow city centre, an effort which attracted criticism from the political establishment, politicians concerned with housing asylum seekers and building mosques, elitist scum who frankly couldn’t care less about native Brits roughing it on the street or struggling by on benefits. This is the sort of activism the Tories perceive as “terrorism”, genuinely idealistic Young nationalists reaching out to those who the system see dying on the cold streets.

We in Ulster are all too aware of a different sort of terrorism, a terrorism which robbed children of their parents, of parents of their children, a terrorism directed with very different goals in mind, that of a “32 County Socialist Republic” and an objective (akin to Marxist revolutions elsewhere) which required mass murder on an industrial scale.


Here we see a different face of terror, this time on the streets of Londonderry with a very open paramilitary display of masked gangsterism by the IRSP/INLA. No questions asked in parliament, no cross party condemnation, police interest or media outcry, but then those above are not questioning multiculturalism or Zionist political control, Red terrorists seem to be a protected species whilst the book is thrown at nationalists!

Whilst the propaganda material of National Action, none of which promoted violence or murder is now illegal, that of the collective left is of no legal concern despite this very explicit incitement to violence of this offering.


The threat is very clear, the implication being that the dupes of the left commit violence against anyone they perceive as being “Fascist”, of no public concern? Well if you are a Brexit, UKIP, TUV or even a DUP voter, then by the perverse logic of some on-line communistic offerings then you too are to be considered a “fascist” and in physical danger from your local anarco-communist, socialist republican or psychopathic multiculturalist!

Thus we again see the hypocrisy of the system, promote violence if you will, just ensure its directed the right way!



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