Changed times, or the blueprint for white genocide?

Our previous article provoked some criticism from multicultural and leftist posters who troll our Facebook page, needless to say we have heard their egalitarian arguments before, opinions formulated by the alien controlled media and reinforced by political correctness.

We don’t normally waste time on answering the trivia associated with such philosophies but, like Enoch Powell in the England of the 1960’s, Ulster Awake issues our own dire warning of a multicultural society in which our children will be second class citizens in a future Northern Ireland which few, save for our aforementioned critics, look forward to seeing. It will be society in which the alien predominates and one which we are given no option to refuse.

In effect we are seeing not some new vibrant NI, but it’s transformation into one destined to be riven by deeper divisions than of a fratricidal and tragic bloody conflict which cost thousands of lives over thirty years. We too predict “Rivers of Blood” as our indigenous people face extinction via mass immigration with the importation of alien peoples and their cultures combined with the omnipresent threat of Islamic terror along with the frightening growth in this community of those who have effectively colonised large areas of the mainland.

Given the comparatively small size of NI within a few short years we will be seeing some very real, very noticeable, and indeed very dangerous changes.


As a first instance the media, politicians along with our education system deny there is an issue as diversity first becomes apparent, anyone questioning the wisdom of allowing open door immigration is dismissed as “fascist”, “nazi”, “racist”, confined to the lunatic fringe. Crime, people trafficking, narcotics and prostitution linked to newcomers and reported in the media, often with care taken to disguise the ethnicity of offenders, when hilighted by ethno-British Nationalists like Ulster Awake are dismissed as “far right extremists”. In 2016 we have seen the OUP, DUP, Alliance, SDLP and Sinn Fein (the old gang parties) set aside their differences in condemning our activities.

Modern Belfast is indeed an eye opener, its centre literally teaming with people’s from the four corners of the world. For anyone in rural Ulster it would be no understatement to describe a visit as a culture shock, a taste of things to come as the first immigrants set up home in our rural towns and villages. First it’s the new Asian residents, followed by the kebab shop, soon more families move to that geographical neighbourhood. A prayer room will be required for religious devotion, and with growing numbers soon a Mosque will be essential along with the Halal grocer. Child brides and the grooming of indigenous children is another hallmark of Islamic colonisation. Is this language of extremism, the fevered imagination of a bigoted mind or an evaluation of what has happened in England and what most certainly is on the cards for us ? All of this has been rubber stamped by the old gang parties and a compliant media?


Is it hateful to point out the differences between the diverse peoples of the world, the detrimental effects of immigration and population replacement via the asylum seeker racket? Or are we ethno realists pointing to the Americas, Europe and mainland UK societies divided by race, religious and cultural animosity as a warning of things to come?

Our recent history of conflict saw society divided along cultural lines, now, a few short years later we are asked to accept the toxic admixture of African, Asiatic and Islamic culture being imposed without our consent.

There is growing discontent at jobs, housing and educational priority being given to these interlopers, simmering below the surface and occasionally and wrongly vented towards immigrants. Ulster Awake seeks to provide a political voice to people who simply wish to preserve our community, it’s resources and territory for our children.

No amount of liberal hand wringing, misrepresentation of our politics or condemnation from the bloated fat cats of the DUP and their Sinn Fein allies will prevent us from promoting our alternative.


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