A darker tomorrow

We have looked at the detrimental effects of immigration on both this blog and on our social media outlets, we have reported rape, robbery, mugging, murder along with issues surrounding housing, employment, health and social welfare, however we now take the opportunity to look at look toward a future, which unless people act, will be determined by the miscegenation of our people and the poisoning of our (respective) cultures. No longer a Protestant/catholic issue, but one of the biological integrity and survival of our respective peoples and an issue for us all.


This picture was taken from the social profile of a loyalist facebook profile, obviously proud parents keen to show off their offspring to what they presume to be an admiring audience, yet this writer sees the effort of both the parents and the fb admin to present the next generation of loyalism as being, no longer the cherished preserve of the Ulster-Scot and our closely related overseas kin, but instead an ideal polluted by the injection of cosmopolitan multi-culturalism fitting a liberal and politically correct narrative. In essence this child is racially and culturally alien, putting a Linfield top or Orange collerette on Leroy or Mohammad can never change the biological reality.

Sadly not an isolated incident as a visit to most loyalist areas in the latter part of 2016 can confirm, a walk around Sandy Row nowadays witnesses what we predicted years ago in terms of both the presence of alien cultures, ie. Islamic alien garb, but more worryingly the presence of second generation racially mixed teenagers who are all too often associated with local bands, etc., in effect, if you leave aside the (redundant) rethoric of “no surrender” even the casual observer must concede that local people have in fact surrendered to an enemy more insidious than Sinn Fein, that of racial ruination advocated and promoted by the local Lundies.

The next loyalist generations, unless Ulster Awakes, will look very different to that of their grandparents who braved the bomb and bullet of sectarian communist terror gangs. Can anyone seriously doubt that this happened by chance? The dilution of communities by the targeted importation of racial/cultural aliens deliberately calculated to achieve that objective?


But as we have previously seen republicans of all hues and descriptions are keen advocates of internationalism with its equalitarian philosophy keen to “embrace all the children of the island” including those who have literally stepped off a plane, the picture above, taken from a dissident republican source makes clear their commitment to white genocide via their cultural Marxist agenda. Essentially both they and the “Uncle Tom” loyalists are on the same side, after all political divisions can be swept away when future generations resemble the population of Rio, Rochdale or Rotterdam. Universal and cosmopolitan, the objective being that future generations will be but the coffee coloured puppets of whatever the political elitist so dictate, multiracial conformity the political order of the future.

Look again at those pictures, they may not be your children, but they could be your grand children!



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