Cultural Marxism’s war on Morality


In recent articles we have looked at how cultural Marxism has utilised immigration in building its proletatarian constituency, but it is important to remember that the philosophy of the left operates on many fronts,  always keen to foster societal division with the aim of spreading its gospel of class warfare.


Of course its no surprise to find Sinn Fein championing the homosexual agenda, indeed the party boasts a number of councillors, including Belfast’s deputy Lord Mayor, who are well known on the “scene”. Whilst presenting the facade of a friendly, progressive and sexually liberated left wing party, they seem less willing to discuss the  history of the IRA’s violent homosexual rapists and paedophiles, deviants and perverts who doubled up as genocidal sectarian butchers and multiple mass killers. Few willing to speak out lest they end up in a bin liner on a border road in South Armagh!


The Shinners aren’t alone in promoting homosexuality, political liberalism too hopes to tap into the votes of this constituency, but as with the immigrants, the gays instinctively know that whilst the SDLP, UUP, Alliance and PUP pay lip service to the insanity of SSM, etc., Sinn Fein genuinely believe in the destruction of society via the cultural Marxist ideology of “sexual liberation” hence the presence of so many of its cadres at every “pride” event. Sadly for the political charlatans Nesbitt and Eastwood, the gay vote’s almost exclusively going to Sinn Fein.

Homosexuality, same sex marriage, abortion and the sexualisation of children are all designed to destroy the traditional family, the building block and cornerstone of Europe, essentially a culture of death fostered by cultural Marxism and an evil ideology deliberately calculated toward White genocide, after all homosexuality, abortion and the destruction of the family do not produce white children.

As Nationalists we seek to defend traditional values, values now under attack from the alien, cosmopolitan and anti natural axis of evil incorperating the politics of the liberal left, the anti culture of a globalist media and the shadowy and veiled one world government/new world order.



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