Hate Crime – Who Gains?


Hate crime are two words which have become familiar to us all, the media and politicians from Sinn Fein, the DUP, Alliance & SDLP along with the media ensure that any events unfavourable to the rights, welfare or (alleged) discrimination of foreigners resident here can be attributed to hate, the criminal tag adding empathy to the seriousness with which these matters are treated.

Not just the chattering media and politically correct politicos playing this particular game of charades, the PSNI, a force driven by political correctness rather than law and order are keen to be seen as heavy hitters in the hate crime sweepstake, YET, as we have pointed out, when the victims of racially motivated hate crime are local, we find the police to be lacking in the robust response applied when foreigners are the alleged target.


The fact is ethnic minority’s are dealt with differently with the police, media and politicians kow-towing to the PC dogma and ever fearful of upsetting the cultural sensitivities of the foreign national community, such insanity led to the grooming and rape culture surrounding Rotherham, the authorities too scared to act and indigenous girls sacrificed on the alter of multiculturalism.

The FACT is, its Whites, in Europe, the U.K., South Africa and America who are the VICTIM of ethnic crime and criminality, yet”hate crime”, if we believe the media is soley perpetrated by Whites!

Ulster Awake sees beyond the lying yellow press and it’s gutter journalism, in spite of efforts to censor us, we will continue to speak out on this issue, we know increasing numbers of Ulster folk, now experiencing multiculturalism on their doorstep are facing the  unpalatable realities of often violent imported cultures.

As an ethnic-nationalist organisation we oppose violence and attacks from wherever they come from, from our perspective attacks on ethnic minorities fuel the media and political agenda designed to quell any opposition to enforced multiculturalism and criminalise said opponents. In our opinion violence is not only wrong, but is wholly counterproductive.

Remember the REAL culprits are NOT the immigrants, but the politicians and an economic system who brought them here as a source for cheap labour, the destruction of indigenous cultures and a multicultural Ulster as a constituent part of a cosmopolitan New World Order.


2 thoughts on “Hate Crime – Who Gains?

  1. Please keep spreading the word about the White Genocide. I’ve been trying to get into a group that knows facts about what’s REALLY GOING ON with this BS diversity crap. I’m a retired Military Police Officer and would like to have the opportunity to speak on behalf of the Whites who are being eliminated, discriminated against, etcetera. So feel free to contact me @ anytime.


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