Open your eyes to Sinn Fein lies!

Recent republican propaganda regarding our activities in Larne prompted a response to these false allegations in the form of a letter to the Irish News, in the spirit of political correctness of course it didn’t appear so yet again we are bypassing the lying charlatans of the media by publishing our reply.



Oliver McMullan’s comments regarding Ulster Awake’s leaflets  and their distribution in Larne as a  “hate crime” raised a wry smile amongst our supporters, there is a lot of irony amongst how ordinary folk view Oliver, his party and its own ill concealed sectarianism.

At one time his “touting” to the PSNI would have met a severe penalty from Sinn Fein’s extra parliamentary colleagues, that the PSNI are not treating the distribution of our leaflets as a “hate crime” makes a fool of his claims.

In fact Ulster Awake has no sectarian agenda and includes individual from all sections of the community, remember, immigration and the militant cultural Marxism espoused by SF affects us all. More and more people are seeing through the lies of political correctness and as such, despite what our opponents claim, our message is well received both on the doorsteps and online.

Your journalism too leaves much to be desired, with your description of the Celtic cross as relating to “white power”, in fact it is a symbol indigenous to this island, a symbol with which all sections of our people can identify with, look to the iconic meaning to those of the catholic community as well as the badge of Northern Ireland’s football team. As for the red hand, it too goes beyond petty tribalism and we can think of no better imagery to represent our movement.!

Oliver, step away from your keyboard and waste no further police time with your groundless claims! If you and your party are so concerned about “racism and sectarianism” around Larne get your leaflets and your activists to canvass the area.

You may well be ringing the PSNI concerning more serious matters!


F. Crawford
Ulster Awake PRO.


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