Multi-culturalism by the back door – Ulster’s Polish question

Since the “Good Friday Agreement ” our society has been radically transformed via immigration, the phoney peace-process effectively opened our border to the world, our formally indigenous population was to become another target for toxic multiculturalism, with globalists keen to destroy the community cohesion which saw the Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist (PUL) through Decades of horrendous ethnic and political violence from neo-Marxist Gaelic imperialists of the PIRA/INLA.

Post GFA Ulster was to be radically transformed via immigration, it was an unspoken part of the process, the Africans, Filipinos and Asians were fairly obvious, the growth in these respective populations evident on our towns and cities, but there was a silent, more insidious side to the multicultural agenda, the mass influx of Eastern Europeans attracted by the lie of a booming economy and the chance for a better life albeit at the expense of local folk.

Initially it was the few Polish shops which bemused locals found quaint, with few customers we pondered how such ventures could survive economically, there was simply no customer base or demand. That was to come later, the shops simply an advance party of economic parasites making claim to our country.

Where international companies refused to provide decent wages and conditions to local people and were thus unable to attract a local workforce, they simply imported one, docile and compliant, wages were kept to a minimum and the bad conditions were meekly accepted by the new workforce. Thus capitalism gained at the expense of  our communities, the Filipino and Polish workers poured through the factory gates, soon their families and dependants would be cluttering up our social security offices, doctors surgeries and hospital beds, all too keen to take advantage of our social welfare and health facilities.

Capitalism and multinational corporations were not the sole beneficiary of the influx, the cultural Marxists of Sinn Fein were keen to jump aboard the welcome wagon  seeing the impoverished, often embittered migrants as electoral fodder for their political ambitions. This writer recalls how the strongly unionist village of Dromore, Co. Down returned a SF councilor, both the Provos and the local PUL were stunned, I recall talking to a former loyalist prisoner who could not believe the result, I pointed out the numbers of Polish migrants now resident in his estate, migrants who had quietly settled now the local former paramilitary hierarchy were on the HM Government payroll.

Sinn Fein conferred the title “new Irish” on the migrants, indeed one of their Fermanagh candidates a couple of years ago was a Polish woman, in effect many of those not going into menial manual labour were cultural Marxist or at least, given the number of Poles now resident in social work and the race relations industry, politically correct liberals.

The world of policing and justice too has seen much interaction with the Polish community its culture of alcoholism and the explosive nature of many of our new citizens see our local papers jam packed with Slavic criminals, some weeks our local scallywags and drunks barely get a look in!

It would be foolish and foolhardy to pretend that we don’t have evil and malevolent elements  in our population, but we have now have Polish drug dealers, paedophiles and murderers all safely ensconced in HMP Maghaberry, do we really need more to the extent that unrestricted and unchecked migration saddles our society with Poland’share of the bastards?


Family life in modern Craigavon!

Ulster Awake alone stands for local people in our homeland now threatened by globalism, political correctness and the colonisation of cultural and racial aliens, we simply, even if we wanted to, cannot accommodate these economic vultures, welfare parasites or leftist malcontents.

Capitalism and cultural Marxists are the the authentic enemies of the nation state and communities of a formally homogeneous and mono-cultural Ulster, our concern has to be for our future generations.

Local People First!


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