Over the past few weeks with Jeremy Corbyn’s Trotskyite entryists reaking havoc in the Labour Party, entryism has been under the spotlight again. It is easy to forget that entryism, where some group, normally a leftist group joins another group or state institution in order to co-opt it into carrying out the designs of the entryists.

Entryism has been incredibly successfully used in Northern Ireland by left wing Republicans in order to co-opt universities, schools, public institutions and sadly churches.

These institutions have been co-opted and now espouse the extremely left wing views that the Sinn Fein types hold. The two main weaponised policies influenced by these leftists is the recent wave of multiculturalism and militant anti-unionist sentiment.

The “Gay cake scandal” at Ashers bakery was a marriage of the leftwing influenced courts, leftwing campaigners, anti-Christians and social justice warriors.

The other infamous and overt attack on Christianity was the case against Pastor James McConnell brought about by IS loving Dr Raied Al Wazzan. Wazzan is an Iraqi Sunni extremist who constantly plays the victim of Islamophobia ,whining that he feels threatened and his feelings are hurt at the least critical remark about the vile cult he follows!

Needless to say the Police and Public Prosecution Service of Northern Ireland chase down any of these critics at his behest like latter day witch finders!


Christians believe, it or not, are heavily influenced both by the left and also by Zionist Jews. In fact the Bible belt in Northern can attribute most of its operations and tenements to Zionism and latterly to the left. Protestantism in this country is in peril.

Traditionally Protestants believed that our land was a sacred place provided to us by God, that our families and those in our communities should be protected from hostile foreign forces. Now Protestants are sending their kids away to Africa with the intention that they atone for their “white sin” and in the hope that they find a nice black spouse.

Not that any white person male or female in an interracial marriage in Northern Ireland will maintain their racial culture. The vast majority of the people entering these marriages are women. These women are 99% of the time looking for something “different” because they have been watching rap music and listening to what their left wing lecturers have been saying about Northern Ireland being “hostile” to foreigners and about us all being racist and bad.

Two months before the Paris attacks The Protestant Coalition headed up by Willie Frazer the anti-terror campaigner held a protest, which some of us attended, aimed at warning the public of the danger of ISIS linked Muslims terrorists slipping through the net and attacking the Northern Irish public or perhaps supplementing the RIRA.  The great and the good of the Protestant clerical community, and the usual cabal of communists, republicans and moslems, came out against the protests and against Willie’s message.

From the Irish News; Presbyterian Church moderator Dr Ian McNie, said “the teaching of scripture is absolutely clear – all Christians are called to welcome the stranger and to love our neighbour”.

What the good doctor is saying is that regardless of what might happen to you if you allow Muslims to flood into your country that you have to let them do it.

Our Churchmen, with the exception of Pastor McConnell and a very few others, are spreading the message that tolerating multiculturalism (the death of our culture) at any cost is a Christian duty. What will in fact happen as it has all over Europe is that Christian culture is replaced by the “Dindu Nuffin” rap and chav culture. The pathetic and backward culture the globalists want us to follow.

The Catholic Church and its Che Guevaraesque leftist Pope are probably even worse, having desecrated their Vatican with Moslem ceremonies.


I don’t know how long Christianity has left in the UK, it is looking, if trends continue, that it will be dead in 20 years. The Vicars and Priests are the authors of its death with their Moslem and homosexual appeasing policies.

The only hope for us is a very quick counterinsurgency into our Churches, support real traditionalists and boycott the deluded panderers!



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