Republicanism – On The Road To Racial Ruin


For years Irish republicans in the form of terrorists and their political wing sold their murderous campaign against Ulster’s British population as a national liberation struggle in which a new Ireland (Eire Nua) would emerge “United, Gaelic & Free”, but like everything else Adams and the republican movement promised, it was another lie, it’s false flag nationalism but a facade for its true totalitarian agenda and cultural-Marxist philosophy.

Here we see Louth TD, former Belfast IRA “Brigadier” Gerry Adams outline his own cosmopolitan vision of a multi-cultural/multi-racial Eire, an Ireland “free” from perceived British influence, but in terms of its people, the Gaelic component would by 2050 be a minority as the flotsam and jetsom of the third world immigrate en masse whilst the brightest of Ireland’s youth emigrate for better futures elsewhere essentially a “perfect storm” with White Genocide as an end-game guarantee.

imageForget the Celtic mythology employed by latter day fenians, republicanism is all too happy to play the numbers game, utilising the electoral support of the biological and cultural aliens who have flooded into both NI & RoI in recent years conferring the title of “new Irish” on the former jungle inhabititants and slum dwellers, indeed the gentleman in our first picture is an an elected Dublin city councillor. It is no coincidence that the political think tank of Sinn Fein looked toward Castro’s Cuba and Mandela’s SA for a template for their political ideology, but few could have guessed they also envisaged Ireland’s future population to resemble Brazil or Portugal.

Of course we are aware that SF/IRA are now very much part and parcel of the political establishment, there are those who would argue that they have “sold out” their principles for political power, indeed we have seen links on various otherwise credible European nationalist sites & pages for various Irish republican “dissidents”, yet any research would quickly reveal that whatever differences they have with their Sinn Fein comrades all are convinced and doctrinaire anti-racist taking literally the equalitarian 1916 proclaimation. Pictured below are cosmopolitan  patriots of Dublin’s 1916 Society.




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