The Islamic Mindset


Recent events on continental Europe have excited local media attention though notably comments from sources such as ourselves have been discreetly censored, but it is evident from listening to the likes of Nolan or looking through the politically correct censored opinions featured on the Belfast Telegraph’s social media or letters pages that Ulster people, despite years of terrorist barbarity levelled against them, simply haven’t a clue as to the nature of the terrorism prescribed by the Koran.

One befuddled caller to the Stephen Nolan show demanded to know if the authorities were “negotiating” with ISIS and their agents operating in Europe to ascertain what their demands were, of course Nolan, who obviously knows better, did nothing to disuade this or the folly of other callers by telling them the reality that Islamic insurgents are fighting to overthrow Western civilisation, the wholesale, indeterminate slaughter of its citizens who it’s doctrine see as infidels along with the imposition of Sharia Law.

Most viewed the current wave of Islamic insurgency as akin to the murder perpetrated by Irish republicans, whilst matched in brutality, there are fundamental differences. The IRA, etc., murdered folk with the agenda of a socialist Irish  republic whereas the global slaughter of its opponents is in persuit of a globalist vision of Sharia, its adherents fighters in a worldwide intifada.

Ulster Awake along with fellow European ethno-nationalists are fully awake and aware as to the globalist nature of Islamic barbarity, hence our resolute opposition to Islamic immigration, mosques and the evil culture represented by Halal, it is neither bigoted nor racist (meaningless buzz-words) to oppose alien colonisation and the unwelcome imposition of foreign culture.

Through ongoing campaigning we will bring this fundamental truth directly to Ulster people, bypassing the liars and charlatans such as the BBC and the obnoxious Stephen Nolan.


2 thoughts on “The Islamic Mindset

  1. Hi, a refreshing article, thanks. I think N. Ireland is the least affected place in Europe by Islam, but the tide is coming in fast now. I thought Pegida offered up some hope of peaceful protest in England, but it has gone quiet. I think it is our duty to make people aware of what’s coming and to stand in protest.

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