A look at local “anti-fascism”


For most Ulster people anti-fascism is represented by the crusty punks frequently seen lying around the streets in Belfast, dirty and more often than not, unconscious due to drugs/alcohol, an unsavoury bunch, the anarco-crusties are apart from the conventions of normal, everyday life, their aversion to “fascism” is in fact opposition to any form of order whatsoever.

The addict and the anarchist may be apolitical, but as we have seen there are others who cynically exploit the asylum seeker and immigrant for political capital, essentially we are talking here about Sinn Fein who see the alien influx as a potential for support,particularly in marginal constituencies with majority unionist populations and thus we have seen vagabonds and social parasites injected into working class loyalist areas deliberately calculated to return Sinn Fein candidates.


“Refugees Welcome” proclaim their material, but the reality is the refugees are poisoning our, not their communities.

Whilst loyalists may not be so enthuastic about the multi-cultural madness there are of course leftist and liberal elements resident in both the community and particularly the paramilitaries bamboozled by the lie of equalitarianism, with pro-immigrant events attracting mainstream/dissident republicans as well as befuddled liberal prods along with socialist-left ex-paramilitaries, United in their hatred for their own folk & willing to sacrifice the future of their kids on the alters of political correctness and multi-culturalism.




Take a look at the first picture and check out the above link, both represent the serious politics behind AFA, the hand wringing middle class small U unionist along with the time served paramilitary politico will join the rest of us as the subject for eradication the logical and inevitable conclusion of a Bolshevik, third world “Eire Nua”, areas already “ethnically cleansed” of those pesky prods are finding their replacement populations drawn from the third world.

Turkeys and Christmas come to mind…


4 thoughts on “A look at local “anti-fascism”

  1. Brilliant read! Interesting to know how senior IRA members feel on the influx of ethnics considering they hated white brits coming over. Awfully hypocritical of sinn fein IRA and I just can’t get my head around it.


      1. Clearly bulking up their votes, likewise with their whole pro gay propaganda.

        Any thoughts on the new national socialist group national action? Building support in England, and starting off here.


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