You will have heard us and groups like ours often refer to the evil and threats posed to our nations and peoples by Cultural Marxism. We have also highlighted the high profile role played by Jewish Bolshevism in it’s creation and maintenance.

Cultural Marxism is to-day commonly referred to as Political correctness a phrase, though seemingly innocuous, represents the most wicked and dangerous ideology ever to threaten our civilisation.

We could write  thousands upon thousands of words on the subject, however that would be impractical if not impossible.

We have provided here a short overview which is useful for those not fully “au fait” with how our society is being undermined by this cancer.

In the 1920s Marxist philosopher György Lukács (Jewish) said that revolution had failed in the West because of ‘false consciousness’, and so revolutionaries needed to seize ‘the means of mental production’ in the media, entertainment industry, education and the arts. It was not until the 1960s when an expansion in the university system and a popularisation of Marxist critical theory allowed this to happen. Universities helped to popularise the work of thinkers such as Herbert Marcuse, the (Jewish) Marxist philosopher who argued that liberal Western society was in reality ‘repressive tolerance’ and who believed that working men were dupes, and that the barbarian within society should be assisted because the true barbarism may well be the ‘continued empire of civilisation itself’.

Gyorgy Lukacs Hungarian Jewish Marxist.

“In Marcuse’s view whoever defies society and the state is not to be brought under control, but is society’s saviour, and prominent among Marcuse’s revolutionary ‘outcasts and outsiders’ are ‘the exploited and persecuted of other races and colours’. Anti-racism transferred the struggle of the workers onto non-whites and women, and with Marxist dogmas transferred too. Works such as Oliver Cox’s 1948 study Class, Caste and Race helped to spread the idea that race was a fictitious concept which was created and used to help ‘a practical exploitative relationship’ between one group and another. In Marxist thought race is a construct used to justify the exploitation of cheap immigrants, who can be scapegoated for economic problems when hard times fall. Racial prejudice divides the working population and prevents class consciousness from forming. This is a wonderful theory which ignores the unfortunate fact that working-class people might actually have agency and functioning brains of their own and do – genuinely – feel uncomfortable about their territory being taken up by another group, a fact increasingly shown by neuroscience.”

– The Diversity illusion


This is exactly what Cultural Marxism is, it is the transference of the ‘revolutionary’ mission onto non-whites, women, homosexuals and other so called ‘oppressed’ groups. The white working class were viewed as unreliable revolutionaries because of their loyalty to their race, nation, culture, heritage, tradition and family. They were also mostly Christian and as a result were hostile to the advances of Communism. Karl Marx (Jewish) had predicted that with the outbreak of war the working classes would not fight for their nations, but would join the Communist revolution. The failure of the working class to do this was labelled as being a result of ‘false consciousness’ and the likes of Marcuse viewed an alternative revolutionary as being the answer to this failure. The working class they said had been blinded to their ‘true class consciousness’ because of Christianity, patriotism, morality and traditions.

Herbert Marcuse Frankfurt School Jewish Marxist philosopher promoter of multiculturalism, race mixing and homosexual perversions to destroy western society.

Marcuse said that he saw in the third world a “revolutionary potential” that he and his fellow Marxist travellers could weaponise against Western Civilisation and the white European people. This is why the Cultural Marxist left are so supportive of mass immigration and multiracialism, it is for ideological reasons that they support the demographic destruction of all European nations and people.

Homosexuality and “so called” Gay rights are also part of the Cultural Marxist doctrine to be used against traditional family values, and of course Christianity.

Be in no doubt they do not care about Homosexuals rights or the LBGT movement they created. For them they are merely a means to an end!

The following link gives a good overview of how the Gay rights movement are merely a tool of left wing extremist Cultural Marxists.

Please open you eyes to this threat to our race and it’s survival! Are you awake yet?




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