The Somme, The On-Going Threat…and A Dominion of Ulster?


The Battle of The Somme, 1916, a century ago, was and is a defining event in British Ulster’s history.

The heroism and sacrifice  shown in that First World War battle, when Ulster’s volunteers went into battle shouting their war-cry, ‘No Surrender,’ made it impossible for London politicians to sell out their most loyal and brave fellow-country,.

……………………It’s an anniversary that has resonance every year but maybe even more today, this year, as Dublin’s Fifth Column resumes its droning rant for an end to what they call ‘partition,’ an ironic choice of word, since it was Sinn Fein that gloried in ‘partition.’

Partition of the British Isles.




The satanic Sinn Fein/IRA duo, McGuinness and Adams, want a referendum to have Ulster annexed to Eire.

The Guardian has an article…..

Ireland faces partition again. Preserving the peace is critical

..but their headline is unutterably misleading.

The journo says nothing about

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