Since Brexit Sinn Fein/IRA have been jumping up and down indignantly demanding we stay in the EU and keep the border with the Irish Republic open. No surprise really as they have plenty of friends across the border in fact the ROI is guilty in the past of collusion with them and  was even instrumental in their creation.

Recently the old “chestnut”  of  “alleged “RUC Special Branch collusion with Loyalists in the Loughinisland massacre has been raised.

We thought we would comment on collusion from the other side of our border which gets little mention in the media. This article was originally published on the Northern Ireland Patriots blog some time ago.


“The revelations from the Smithwick enquiry that Irish Garda, (police), officers colluded in the murders of two senior RUC,( Royal Ulster Constabulary),in 1989 will come as no surprise to the Unionist/Loyalist community in Northern Ireland.

“Chief Superintendent Harry Breen and Superintendent Bob Buchanan, the highest-ranking RUC officers to be killed during 30 years of The Troubles, were shot dead in an ambush in March 1989 in south Armagh.The attack happened as they crossed the border into Northern Ireland after a meeting in Dundalk Garda station.In the report of his Dublin-based eight-year enquiry released on Tuesday evening, Judge Peter Smithwick said he was “satisfied there was collusion in the murders.”

Predictably leader of the Marxist Sinn Fein/IRA, Gerry Adams has tried to pour cold water on the findings of Judge Smithwick by unbelievably trying to sanitise the IRA and the Irish Police’s role in this by suggesting that the two victims had effectively committed suicide because of their “laisser faire” attitude to their own security!


Using his rationale those who were killed on Bloody Sunday basically killed themselves because of their cavalier attitude to warnings from the police and army to stay off the streets. They ignored warnings and attacked security forces with bricks and stones while allowing themselves to be used as a smokescreen for IRA gunmen who were firing at the army! I would have said it was certainly a “laisser faire” attitude to security attacking paratroopers who are already under fire from terrorists!

This is typical of a wretched left wing extremist who continually howls for public enquiries into “alleged” security force collusion with loyalists and the equally mythical “shoot to kill policy” Adams, who covered up his brother Laim’s paedophile rape of his own daughter for years, and the equally vile Martin McGuinness do not however wish to have any enquiries into their activities in the murderous IRA such as the Claudy bomb atrocity in 1972 or the disappeared corpses of those their bunch of thugs tortured and murdered.

Unfortunately they are being aided and abetted in this by the British government to protect to “so called ” peace process at any cost!

However the Smithwick enquiry, although it’s as hard to believe the Irish police force had a policy of collusion with the IRA as it is to believe the RUC and British army had one with loyalist groups,  raises yet again the question of high level Irish state collusion with republicans.

Irish cabinet minister and future Prime Minister Charles Haughey and fellow cabinet minister Neil Blaney were accused of and brought to court for their involvement in a plot to arm the newly formed PIRA  in 1970. Also involved in the plot were Irish Army officer Captain James Kelly (what about this for collusion Gerry?) and Flemish Nazi Albert Luykx, (and the left call us Nazis!).


They plotted with the IRA to buy and import weapons, using Irish government money, to be used to kill British citizens and soldiers in Northern Ireland.

It could be said that senior members of the Irish government helped found  the Provisional IRA which inflicted decades of barbarity on the UK!

The government of the Irish Republic under Jack Lynch, who was well aware of Haughey’s activities, also plotted to send troops into Northern Ireland to back the IRA. Luckily for them this plan never came to pass!

Unionists in Northern Ireland have always been acutely aware of this dagger poised to stab us in the back from across our border, certainly more so than people in the rest of the UK or elsewhere.

However we are also acutely aware that not all citizens of the Irish Republic wish us harm, indeed the majority are happy to live and let live. Both countries depend economically on a happy co-existence.

We believe that the Irish government not only needs to apologise to and compensate the families of the two policemen but also to the people of N Ireland for their role in helping create the Provos.


Furthermore they need to examine their past actions against British citizens in Northern Ireland and indeed against their own citizens who enlisted in the British forces during WW2

as demonstrated by DeValera’s infamous Starvation Order.”


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