False Flags



In the wake of Brexit we have seen a “new shocking rise” in well documented racist incidents across the UK, London, Glasgow, Birmingham and of course Ulster (in keeping with its title of “Europe’s race hate capital”) have all been reporting incidents,primarily concerning Polish migrants suffering abuse, sinister leaflets, vandalism crime and grafitti, the dirty work of “evil racists” or is there another malificent agenda at work?

This somewhat amateurish graffiti was reported in the Orangefield area of Armagh city, of course we have the PSNI, local and even national media


lending credence to the sinister handiwork of the evil nazis when it is evident to anyone with an ounce of wit that it is simply another ruse, in this instance by wily migrants to get a better, bigger property in a better part of town!

Ulster Awake is all too aware of tensions within our communities which see migrants, their children and welfare being put before local folk, that large numbers of cultural and racial aliens have been, in our opinion, deliberately parachuted into loyalist working class areas is calculated to build a fifth column and an electoral well of support for Sinn Fein, do you doubt our anaylis? Take a wander around Belast’s Sandy Row, now teaming with foreigners and tell us it’s a “pigment” of our imagination!

Whilst some migrants are hard working, fact is there is another constituency, of welfare parasites, social scroungers and cosmopolitans criminals, all keen to claim justified resentment at their presence is racism, all too keen to cash in on their status. Their crime and criminality is ignored by the media and authorities, after all such activity is largely confined to the ghettos established in OUR areas.

Call us cynical, but the alleged Armagh incident seems to us that this particular family  most likely wanted rehoused, the easiest and quickest passport up the property ladder being the racist attack scam!

Similar “odd” incidents on the mainland saw the distribution of laminated bi-lingual “leaflets” stating “No more Polish Vermin”, our immediate thought being fingerprint evidence on the laminate would see distributors being brought to book. We await further information from the local constabulary but suspect nothing more will come of it. Similar acts of graffiti and unverifiable verbal abuse levelled at individual members of the Slavic community make up this terrifying picture.

Reality combined with common sense tell us that these incidents are non-racist, the guilty being the migrants themselves seeking to advance their own agenda and secondly the covert tactics of the liberal left who are attempting the guilt trip the British majority who rightly rejected further subtigation to the political and ecomomic  shackles of the EU. There is an agenda at work, hopefully our readers are astute enough not to be taken in by the lies of the liberal left, their political puppets of the agenda of the media.



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