Freedom of Speech Should Never Become the Victim of Individual Action.

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We would never support or condone the murder of a mother of 2 children regardless of political differences. Not only does it deprive 2 children of a loving mother, but it only gives the media cause to demonise the Nationalist message. Violence only emboldens our enemies and elevates their deceit to the moral high ground where they present truth and freedom of speech as being hate speech. When the opportunity arises then they define the narrative to fit their own agenda. The Nationalist message does not need violence or acts of terror to validate it, it stands alone in the climate of lies fostered by the left and their globalist sponsors.

The toxicity of the political debate in the UK and across the West is a result of what political leaders have done with impunity to Western nations. Take Tony Blair for example, the war criminal and individual responsible for…

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One thought on “Freedom of Speech Should Never Become the Victim of Individual Action.

  1. Greetings from Down Under. One of our writers blogged on this yesterday, in fact, but in a very broad spectator’s fashion. Our conclusion is that a lone wolf shot Jo Cox, but the left killed her. It is interesting that the Occidental Observer went much further. It examined her career and found a social justice warrior dedicated to helping rape victims and those suffering as long as they weren’t White. The gang rape scandal in her own constituency, which the article contends is heavily occupied by Moslem voters, passed without her commenting. As she was shot, this case was playing out in court. And now it appears her murder will be used to silence all opposition to the population replacement by refugees happening throughout Europe, the US and Australia. We include this link as it is an excellent companion piece for any further commentary. Whenever an incident like this occurs, nationalists must refuse to accept guilt for the crimes of strangers, loners and madmen. But in a way, there is something very profound about this man’s actions, his choice of target, and whatever will come of it all.

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