I was reading one of the WW2 “Commando” series comics, (beloved of my youth), the other day , the story being about the Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) the predecessor of the Special Air Service.

These merry marauders used specially adapted jeeps, for their hit and run raids in north Africa against German and Italian targets, extra fuel being carried in “Jerry -Cans” named so because they were a German or Jerry innovation called the  “Wehrmacht-Einheitskanister”

It suddenly struck me that in this day and age of politically correct insanity the term Jerry- can could be deemed racist!

Wondering why some lunatic University under graduate had not already raised this one I realised why not.

Because the German race is white and as we know racism against white people simply does not exist in the liberal left PC mind!


Ask Unite Against Fascism (UAF), racist violence and murder against white people is just a myth perpetrated by us fascists!

According to them the fact that we object to white children being drugged , raped and horrendously abused by gangs of Pakistani , Afghan and north African Muslims is racism!

The UAF, and other darlings of the left, go further by openly supporting these paedophile followers of the prophet outside courts where we are demonstrating against them.

The newspapers and television media dutifully refuse to recognise theses scum as racist paedophiles or any racist attacks on and murder of white people by blacks and Asians.


Imagine just for one moment that the aforementioned petrol container (Jerry-Can) had been invented in Pakistan and been call a “Paki-Can” Paki being an abbreviation of Pakistani.

Do you think that we would be allowed to use such a term in modern Britain?

By God no we would not. The liberal left would go into a mouth foaming frenzy of self loathing  apologies to the sub continent!


Anyone caught using the term either in public or on social networking would, (except of course non white people), be subject to stasi-like investigations and prison sentences. It is in fact happening now in the  Orwellian UK for using words as innocuous as “darkie”

The government would then make an official statement in the House of Commons expressing remorse that we ever dared  to abbreviate the name Pakistan.

Undoubtedly we would then be forced to pay Pakistan and all citizens of Pakistani origin in the UK compensation for being hideous white colonial racists!

Of course as the Germans invented the Jerry-Can this is unlikely to happen. However when one considers that former Prime Minister the vile Tony Blair apologised for slavery everything is possible!

By the way it’s interesting that the “Commando” comic book I mentioned contained a story were the nasty Japanese describe British and American troops as “white faced dogs”.

I wonder why this publication as not been confined to the top shelf in the same way Herge’s Tin Tin in the Congo is?

In 2007 the UK equality watchdog, the Commission for Racial Equality described the book as containing “imagery and words of hideous racial prejudice.

Answers on a Postcard please!

*Originally published on the Northern Ireland Patriots blog by same author*


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