Censored opinion, what the media won’t tell you!

What the Portadown Times refused to print. Ulster Awake will not be silenced or censored by the tyranny of political correctness.


We were interested to read about Cllr. Jones assertion relating to racist attacks on local people in the Upper Bann area, indeed a different opinion to that usually presented of immigrants being the victim of assault, violence and abuse. If we are going by reporting over recent months in the Times then Jones is indeed correct, only a matter of weeks ago there was a shocking report of a local couple being followed with the male individual violently assaulted by what had been termed “a migrant gang” and as there were no further reports of PSNI investigation, arrest and prosecution it is no wonder that Inspector Beck is keen to downplay the racial nature of such events. Had it been the other way about there’d be televised appeals and no doubt CCTV images as the police utilised resources to apprehend the perpetrators of such racist thuggery.

Similarly local folk are increasingly taking to social media to tell of physical and verbal abuse by the growing foreign national community in and around town, three weeks ago a local woman was jostled and racially abused outside licenced premises on wood house street, an area covered by at least two CCTV cameras, yet no mention in either the papers or from the local PSNI.

Looking elsewhere in the same edition of the Times we see migrants accused of human trafficking, dangerous driving, card skimming and drunken spousal assault, week in week out local criminals jostle for space for those who have come to our borough for a “fresh start”, a new beginning at our expense it may be argued.

All too often such crime and criminality is overlooked, silenced by political correctness and in our opinion Cllr Jones is to be applauded for saying what so many of us are thinking and seeing for ourselves.


R. Allen
Ulster Awake – Putting Local People First.




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