The term high street genocide is quite new in the Nationalist logic. It refers to the effects of the night time or high street economy on our youth.

England has been ravaged by these effects and the effects are now being seen in our towns in Ulster. One of the most potent elements of it is the alcohol tax that is essentially a tax on our culture. Our working class youth have to spend an awful lot of money on taxis, beverages and food on the high street on a night out.

Going on a night out with your friends at the weekend, although it should support the local economy, it should not be financially crippling. What makes it financially crippling is the high tax on alcohol, the high VAT tax on food etc. This would not be such a bad thing if the money was being reinvested in community improvements, hospitals and such, by and large though it is being frittered away on foreign aid, the housing of refugees and other non-contributors.

The effects of this tax ravage the family. In order to go on a night out you have to put your working class family under financial stress. This can stress relationships and can lead to divorce and break ups.

Muslim young adults are not subject to this tax, as where they do go out to drink, such as the shisha bars in Birmingham there is no official licensing and the authorities turn a blind eye for the fear of accusing Muslims of drinking. Muslims do not feel this financial drain and so have more money for cars and clothes and the other social stimulators.

In England this contributes heavily to white women choosing to go out with Muslim males, either because they abstain from drinking or because their drinking set up is more economic. English men can spend £10,000s over young adult hood just throwing money over a bar, riding in late night taxis and in the kebab shops. This is essentially a government enforced advantage and part of a wider genocidal agenda. We need to remove this advantage and campaign for cultural parity.

Other elements of the high street economy that are particularly genocidal are of course drugs and although this form of genocide is not being directly pushed on us by our government it is largely foreign gangs that peddle drugs in the UK in the modern era. The heroin is coming from the middle east and Muslims have been caught peddling it the length and breadth of the country. The Government let the Muslims and their drugs into the country, so this again is government enforced genocide on our white working class.

Degenerate music and degenerate musicians force our working class youth from a young age to become very open to dalliances with Muslims and other people who are culturally and politically at war with us. This music has circulated since the 1920s when the Jewish and Black jazz scene first came about in New York. Funded by rich Jewish bankers it has circulated ever since cutting deep into our culture and race. It has had an effect that seems to show no sign of slowing.  As long as the Banks hold the power you can guarantee the half life of this radioactive mutating curse.

Sexual diseases such as Aids are another effect and believe it or not an effect that has actually accelerated since the 1980s. Our Government is bringing HIV positive Africans into our country and giving them money to go out to the clubs, where our youth are more than happy, after a night of “dancing” in Belfast to sleep with them in their council house.

Grooming, rape and abandonment issues are affecting our population hugely on the mainland. Women who are affected are often left with the child of a migrant and are then reliant on state benefits or are damaged mentally and then unable to carry out a normal family life. Not only does this directly reduce our numbers directly but it puts a tax burden on us that is quite frankly colossal. The elites said 50 years ago that they wanted to make single parent families a viable economic option for women who did not want to live under the oppression of a male.

The government has facilitated this and expanded it. As a result women end up living a soul destroying unhappy life where the only upside is turning once again to the vices that created their problem. It also has the effect of making these women a voting block for the left.

One in four migrants are HIV Positive and the other six are those infected by them. http://www.aidsmap.com/Four-in-ten-people-diagnosed-with-HIV-in-Europe-are-migrants/page/2978799/

The night time economy needs reformed. High street genocide has to end. The reforms that we need will be difficult to obtain but they are possible.

  1. We need a stronger cultural music scene, something like we are seeing in Eastern and Southern Europe at the moment.
  2. We need to push out the druggies.
  3. We need to lower the crippling cost of normal socialising.
  4. We need to make sure the police stop the foreign groomers and the Muslim heroin pimps and educate every child of the consequences of falling in with them.

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