Fourteen Words

Ulster Awake is by definition ethnic- nationalist, our concern being for the welfare, future and survival of our people and homeland as mono-cultural and mono-ethnic, experience of cosmopolitan societies on the Mainland, Europe and continental America have proven to be untenable, unstable and downright dangerous. 

Laudable aims with a laudable objective? Not according to the political elite, the cultural Marxist and a popular opinion formulated by the scum of the media, the stock in trade epitaghs of”far right”, “bigot”, “racist” and “Nazi” all employed to demonise and denigrate our effort to reach Ulsterfolk with our message.

Certainly this writer can recall a conversation many years ago with a concerned Craigavon gentleman who had purchased a copy of a street paper, he was of the opinion, that whilst fully supportive of the paper’s message that the multi-cultural chaos its stories outlined could never happen in his street, twenty years on that street is completely alien, it’s dusky inhabititants eyeing the white man from the gutter with a mixture of undisguised envy and contempt. The lessons of the paper and our warnings were ignored, dismissed as the alarmist rantings of the racist right, the object of ridicule in the tabloids and dismissed by the chattering liberal.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost as employment has dried up, our health and social services stretched to breaking point and the migrants turn to crime, drugs and prostitution as they discover the dream they were sold was an empty lie, the papers, courts and jails are packed with these aliens.

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We have seen the envy, division and violence of multiracial societies everywhere, indeed with the suicidal immigration policies employed by successive British/Irish governments the grim reality of multi racism is but a hour on the train. Multi racism is not a dream, but a tyrannically nightmare where the nation, culture, heritage and ultimate blood of its victims poisoned.

Without reliving the horrors of the period of our history known as the troubles, the fact is that a society fractured by communal division and society emerged not to be allowed to heal, rather than a new market and land masse to be infested with racial and cultural aliens, dissent silenced and sidelined by the aforementioned tactics.

Ulster is our ancient homeland, not ours, but a gift to our native future generations and certainly not a economic dumping ground for the globalist flotsam and jetsom. That we are ethnically and culturally White is only appropriate and apt that we employ that Fourteen Words.

To paraphrase a historical legend oft quoted in this part of the world,”here we stand for we can do no other…..”


4 thoughts on “Fourteen Words

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