Cry Freedom!


June 2016 marks an important referendum on not only the future of our country, but the future of our very ethnic survival in the British Isles, be under no illusion, the EU intends to replace the native British peoples with those of a rootless, cosmopolitan nature.

Leaving aside the financial cost of our continued membership, its political dictats and the destruction of our economy, the fact is if we fail to depart then there is the immediate prospect of our children growing up in a society wholly alien, themselves foreigners in their own country. In the past twenty years, post Good Friday agreement Ulster has been the recipient of countless thousands of economic migrants (the vision of a borderless Europe) with whole areas becoming ghettoised as migrants take control of housing, social and health services stretched to breaking point.

The old cultural Marxist canard of “racism” is now deployed as a mocking description of Ulsterfolk angry at our kids coming behind those of migrants, however people with an understanding of such matters are aware and awake to the fact that this unwelcome multi-culturalism is but a prelude to the next stage of the plan, the nightmare of multi-racialism as the vagrant populations of Eastern Europe, Africa & Asia view Ulster as an enticing new homeland.

The few ethnics have become noticeable with their growing numbers and families, big-business in the form of multi-national companies unwilling to pay proper wages thus failing to attract local workers simply imported those willing to fill these vacancies, the result in areas such as Craigavon & Tyrone has transformed once mono-cultural towns into localised models of Africa & Brazil, thus we see capitalism as the bedfellow of multi-racism, its loyalty to profit even if it means the destruction of our towns and cities.

Immigration has brought NO benefit to the indigenous population, indeed it seems that the main beneficiary of the free movement of peoples has been to the countries which waved goodbye to their surplus, often dangerous migrants.

Multi-national corperations along with the cultural Marxists & multi-culturalists of Sinn Fein, who view these foreigners as a natural voting constituency, are the winners in the demographic replacement programme, both have a vested interest in staying in the EU, additionally republicans see continued membership as a possible economic contributor to their insane scheme for their nightmarish vision of a 32 county socialist republic.

As such we believe that National Freedom & Social Justice can be achieved by leaving the bankers and business club of the EU.

We urge YOU to vote accordingly.

Multi-cultural reality!

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