Ulster – The Zionist Delusion


Jewry’s unwitting puppets….

Over past decades both sides in the Ulster conflict have looked overseas for inspiration support for their respective struggles, Sinn Fein/IRA have forged real links with African, Latin America & Middle East Leftist Revolutionaries, such links have ensured economic, political and military support for their campaign. The ANC, SWAPO, PFLP/PLO & ETA have all featured at Sinn Fein’s AGM’s, paramilitary training provided by Arab countries & training provided by PIRA for their drug dealing comrades in the Columbian FARC.

Loyalism has been less successful with friendly noises toward the former Republic of S. Africa & Rhodesia as well as the Confederate States of America, such gestures were largely symbolic and somewhat one-sided. There was certainly sympathy for the Whiteman’s cause on the African continent given the nature of their executioners, their fraternal, well-documented links with SF/IRA as well as the bonds of blood between these kindred peoples.

Republican areas demonstrated political solidarity with the Palestinian Islamists by flying their flags whilst unionists responded by displaying that of the state of Israel, essentially returning a two fingered gesture to their traditional enemy across the peaceline.

What loyalism and these would-be Israeli friends have not considered that Israeli Zionism was a philosophy that mirrored the bloody carnage reeked against British soldiers & civilians by Irish republicanism. The video above gives a glimpse into the evil terroristic nature of Israel’s independence struggle, events largely forgotten by history and certainly not part of modern historical education provided to our schoolkids.


The Zionist illusion…

Comparisons between the situation here and that of Palestine simply do not compare, the illusion of a besieged little Israel resisting Palestinian terrorism simply its a myth, Israel has very real nuclear capibilities, the Palestinians in Zionist territory are wholly disenfranchised & the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) deal brutally with not only suspected PLO/PFLP fighters, but their families too! Human rights simply don’t apply in the modern Zionist matrix!

Solidarity with Israel on behalf of people here is strictly one-sided, the imported population are of a supremacist mindset, viewing not just the Palestinians and other Arabs as sub-human, but viewing the rest of humanity as inferior, in racial & religious terms they regard us as goyim/cattle, a resource to be exploited but as Nazi theory regarded jews, completely subhuman.

Indeed Zionism learnt well from the tatics allegedly employed by Hitler’s Germany!


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