While terrorism, gangsterism, Jihadists, drug dealers  and migrant rape and pillage continue to blight our societies both north and south, it’s good to know our police forces are getting their priorities right!

The Garda, ( The Republic of Ireland’s Police), have issued a dance challenge to the PSNI (Police service of Northern Ireland ). This nonsense started in the USA and has since went viral worldwide.


I mean seriously is this supposed to make the public have confidence in the forces of law and order? We have already seen many police forces throughout the UK become fixated on equality and diversity, (remember Kent police flying a rainbow flag), and monitoring social media for “hate crime” against homosexuals,moslems immigrant third worlders etc. In other words suppressing freedom of expression for white heterosexuals!



We have seen them stand by and let people drown because there is no risk assessment under health and safety law!

The PSNI, when they are not taking Union flags down and helping to erect tricolours or pepper spraying Protestant kids at Orange marches, spend their time pandering to moslems,refugees or the misnomered “Gay Pride”.

The police were created to protect the public from criminals and crime not to be political puppets enforcing cultural Marxism and dancing around like lobotomised chimps!


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